John Cena vs. Wade Barrett: Why Wade Barrett Needs to Lose at Hell in a Cell

dhgf dfContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Wade Barrett, the "dominating" leader of the Nexus, is facing John Cena at WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The stipulation is that if Barrett wins, John Cena must join the Nexus, but if Cena wins, Nexus has to disband forever. While many people are on Barrett's side, I believe that John Cena should be the winner so this terrible storyline can be swept away like common trash.

Let's look at the facts: Nexus is filled with men who don't have a shred of natural in-ring ability save one. Justin Gabriel is the only member with any wrestling talent. He can pull off a 450 splash every time without botching. The few times we've actually gotten to see him wrestle, he did something that none of the other members have been able to do, which is put on a good match.

While Wade Barrett wrestles like Ric Flair, meaning old, tired, and well past his prime, Justin Gabriel has the potential to be a true WWE superstar. Look at Daniel Bryan since getting out of that terrible Nexus story: the man gets put into a feud with his former NXT pro and is now the United States Champion.

I think it's a shame that Gabriel's talent is being wasted so they can build up a man who is so boring to watch in the ring, I can hardly sit through his matches. People claim the Miz has to be carried through his matches by better wrestlers, but am I the only one who notices how much Barrett has to be carried? I think it's a good thing Cena is as strong as he is, because this Sunday, at Hell in a Cell, he's going to have to carry Barrett through a 15 to 25 minute match.

I know what everyone says about Barrett: "He has a lot of charisma," "He's good on the mic," "He won NXT season one." But the way I see it is, none of those things actually make someone a good wrestler. Michael Cole's good on a mic, but would you want to see him in the main event? I don't think so.

John Cena has been the babyface of the company for years. No matter what is thrown his way, Cena always either comes out on top, or he doesn't. But he is always the squeaky clean babyface that everyone can enjoy watching. If they want him to go heel, they need to do it in a better storyline than the dreadful Nexus one that's been shoved down our throats over the last four months.

They are already burying Gabriel to build up Barrett, so imagine how much Cena will be wasted if they stick him in Nexus. If WWE wants to build up Wade Barrett, they need to send him back to FCW where he can learn how to wrestle, then bring him back and build him up. But after Night of Champions, where he gave a tired-looking performance, I don't believe he needs to be among the main event players.

In closing, Cena needs to win so we can move on to more entertaining storylines. We can finally see him feud with people who aren't just mediocre wastes of WWE contracts and see him mix it up with main eventers again. Possibly a feud with Sheamus after the Celtic Warrior is out of the title run is on the horizon. If WWE wants to be good again, they have to drop Nexus, with the exception of Gabriel. The others need to be let go or put back in FCW. I would like to see Gabriel contending for the United States Championship. The guy has real ability, unlike his "fearless" leader Wade Barrett.

We'll just have to wait until Sunday to see the outcome. But I believe that the only good result that can come from it is having Barrett lose and let them focus on real feuds. Barrett's ego will be okay if he loses. He seems like someone who gets a swelled head about anything. So, have him lose, then focus on the titles. Over the last few months, RAW has been more about the Nexus than the titles.