Iowa Hawkeye Football: Defensive Film Review: Ball St

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 18:  Defensive end Adrian Clayborn #94 of the Iowa Hawkeyes in action during the college football game against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona. The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 34-27.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A dominating performance by this unit again this week. Most of this game Ball St's offense looked like a JV team out there. Even before this one started Iowa had an advantage as it was clearly part of Ball St's game plan to not hold the ball in the passing game at all. They continually rolled the pocket away from Clayborn and stuck to almost exclusively 3 and 5 step patterns. When they did hold the ball the Ball St. QB's looked like deer caught in the head lights and this offense was only able to produce 112 total yards against the Iowa defense. By the end of this one Ball St. looked perfectly content to just run the ball and run down the clock to end this one faster.

For those who didn't know the name Mike Daniels before this game, you can't help but take notice of this guy now. I first took notice of this guy last year at the Michigan game where he was hopping up and and down before a kickoff return for the Hawks. He was getting some pretty good air for a guy his size and seems to be at full speed all of the time. As for his play this year he consistently shows great ability to penetrate and disrupt opposing offenses. He was just a terror during this game and the RG for Ball St will be having nightmares about #93 for awhile.  He benefits greatly from the double teams thrown Clayborn's way and a lot of teams are gonna struggle to handle this guy 1 on 1 with a guard all game.

Hyde had a very solid day as he had both an INT and forced fumble. He seems to do pretty well in his zone cover responsibilities but struggles with matching up  1 on 1 outside with faster wide receivers. He'll need to improve as Iowa moves into their Big 10 schedule as he'll see a lot very talented and quick WR's.

There wasn't much to look at for the rest of the defense as the front 4 limited the number of plays this unit would see.  The back seven did a solid job tackling and keeping everything in front of them as they just shut down almost everything all game.  This was a nice tune up heading into the Penn St. game.


+1 Great job getting pressure here and forcing a bad throw. S3
+1 Big time TFL here as he just breaks into the backfield as he beats his block and wraps up the back. S4
+1 Daniels just flies into the backfield again and forces a quick throw. S4
+1 Makes another TFL here as he beats his block on the draw.S5
+1 Another TFL. Just blows up the guard here. S6
+1 Just runs by the fold block here and smashes the RB. Looks totally unblock-able right now. S7
+1 Just blows through the middle again for a sack here as he shows crazy closing speed after he beats his block. S9

Overall: +7


Overall: Push

+1/-1 Sack and Face mask

Overall: Push

+1 Great pursuit down the line chasing the RB in the zone read. Nice play. S8
+1 Gets back to the screen as he recognizes the play and the receiver drops the ball. If he’d caught it he’d have gotten lit up by Klug. S9

Overall: +2

+1 AC just discards his blocker here and then just explodes through the ball carrier on the hit. S5
+1 Great pressure off the edge here as he just walks through the OT here. S9

Overall: +2

+1 Nice roll to the flat by Nielson as he waded through the garbage here on the crossing route and was right on top of flat route. S1

Overall: +2

-1 Gets cut by the TE here and ends up on the ground. Needs to get his hands down on the defender and stay on his feet. S2

Overall: -1

+1 Great job attacking the puller here and stacks the hole up.S3
+1 Another fumble recovery for Hunter as he continues to just be in the right place to recover these S5
+1 Nice read on the draw here as he just brushes by the blockers. Gets in the backfield this time as he makes the TFL. S9

Overall: +3

+1 Nice coverage here as he bats it away. Great break on the ball here as he was sitting on this route and waiting for the ball. S1
+1 Nice job coming down with the INT on the wounded duck pass. S3
+1 Great job supporting the run on the QB scramble here as he puts his helmet on the ball and forces the fumble. S5
+1 In good position on the roll-out here and nearly comes up with another INT as he defends the outside here. S9

Overall: +4

+1 Good job flying up in the flat and making a play on the WR and this ends up an in-completion. S2
-1 Pass Interference Really poor technique in coverage here as he gets himself all turned around and then just shoves the receiver as the ball is about to arrive. S10

Overall: Push

Overall: Push


+1 Nice job sticking a fork in the WR on the screen as he puts a solid hit on him in space. S2

Overall: +1

+1 Good hit on the TE here to break up what would have been a first down grab. S10

Overall: +1

-1 Misses a sure sack here as fails to break down and he loses his footing here. S11
+1 Nice work getting free on the draw and makes the tackle for no gain. S11

Overall: Push