49ers: They Have To Do Better Than 8-8

Ryan FridayCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2010

Singletary needs to get the 49er's better than 8-8
Singletary needs to get the 49er's better than 8-8Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Well it's more than to save everyone's job. It's a whole lot deeper than that. 

Let's talk retrospectively and go back to the year 2003. The supposed Dennis Erickson era. 

This was the when Jeff Garcia, T.O, Garrison Hearst, some guy named Tai Streets, some other guy named Kevan Barlow, some other guy named Cedric Wilson was around...

Defensively, well of course Bryant Young was still around, and some other guy named Andre Carter ( out of Cal, unfortunately), linebackers named Derick Smith, Jeff Ulbrich, and Julian Peterson, and a few corner backs that I can't remember. 

A fair team, this was the team that Mariucci took to the play-offs the previous season...then got fired. Hmm

So yeah Dennis Erickson, semi-fresh from winning a National Championship with Miami, (oh trivia who remembers some of the starts that team had that are playing now).  But what actually happened?

Erickson's first season went 7 - 9. Well, not exactly like our usual playoff runs, but we kept him on for another season.

From a bunch of injuries, Jeff Garcia was released. And because T.O was being T.O he went away to some team from Philadelphia. Julian Peterson eventually went to Seattle. And well everyone wasn't really that good. 

I can't quite recall but then then we eventually went 6 - 10 then to 2- 12. At some point. Somewhere between there we hire a game name Mike Nolan. He does a whole revamping of everything. 

We lose coordinators, if anyone has heard of them, like Jim Mora Jr, who was a good defensive coordinator, and another guy Gregg knapp who isn't coaching now but was just previously the O.C of the Seahawks. But I guess Pete Carrol didn't like him much.

The point in all this, when Mike Nolan came the 49ers came into what we call the "REBUILDING" phase. in this phase we have high draft picks, hire this guy, sign this guy, all these other guys get released, yadda yadda.

More importantly you're not expected to win many football games.

REBUILDING phase is like starting all over. Square one. 

And it sucks.

Because in the rebuilding phase we dealt with quarterbacks like

Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett?, and of course a struggling first rounder named Alex Smith. 

And everyone else is fairly young. And I guess we only chose to sign really bad to mediocre veterans to try and boost us. (if anyone remembers we did have a guy named Johnnie Morton for a hot second). 

In any case, the rebuilding phase sucks. It's what Cleveland and the Lions has been recycling itself for the past 88 seasons, and kind of what seattle and oakland is doing now, and what the falcons and the texans kind of just got done doing.

Well maybe the texans were never really RE-building, but just building. 

Usually with these RE-Building things, comes a new coach, and maybe they'll draft a young qb in the first round, signing a whole bunch of new folks - redoing the O-Line, Defense and offensive weapons.

But we all know, something like RE-Building never is done overnight 

and in this case, never done in 1 or 2 seasons. 

In the process of RE-Building, it is just inevitable the team will struggle trying to find their new identity.

And with the 49ers, their rebuilding from 2005-present it is no different.

Alex Smith is (or was or was supposed to be) our Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, or if we want to go as far as to say Matt Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford.

Or what Jason Cambell, Matt Leinhart, David Carr, or (check this one out) Chris Simms, Jay Cutler, Vince Young were supposed to be for their respective teams. 

There is a reason all these picks were relatively early 1st round picks is because the teams had such bad records they were able to afford to pick so high for their "future" qb's. 

It was a different turn out for each of these, but all in all in the pick of a future qb, it is more than likely certain struggles will occur and it won't solve all the teams problems right away.

Now we take the percentage of successful quarterbacks and new coaches that have rebuilt their teams into successful teams. It's not so high, but not so low either.

But the thing noteworthy here is that it is starting from scratch, and usually starting from scratch doesn't equate to play-off runs.

But that's what most niner fans WANT!


But they forget what doing such moves will mean for the team. And you guessed it:

New Coach(es), new qb, new qb, new everything. 

And we come to the point of the article:


and I can't put it in coherent words so I will just make the following text:


Rebuilding put simply, just sucks. As I mentioned before.

If Singletary does not manage at least better than an 8-8 record of course he is long gone. And even at that, anything short of a play-off spot would be pushing it to say he keeps his job.

For me, I just don't want to go through the whole cycle again. 

But that's thing. *Niner fans (aka Nate Davis fans) don't think about that. They think by simply firing Singletary getting anyone will automatically equate us to winning status.

No. No. No. 

It does happen. but Rarely. More than likely we'll put us back in the Tim Rattay-Ken Dorsey dismal days. Probably draft a wrongly accused good future nfl quarterback like Pryor out of Ohio State, because OH MAN look at his highlights. 

Again back to the point. 

I'd rather root for Singletary pulling off and somehow relinquishing this season.

I'd rather not hope they fire everyone. Because it puts us back to 2004. And do we really want to do that all over again?

Hey yesterday he fired Jimmy Raye which was fine for me. If you look at the history he has never lasted longer than 3 seasons as an OC for any team. And there has to be a reason for that.

But of course more than that needs to be done.

Then we get to the QB issue of Alex Smith. I want him to stay in. And why? 

Well he's played superbly inconsistent. I know I know. Many things that he has done just makes you cringe. 

But then we can play the blame game. But we all still wonder why he is still there.

Well here's why I want him to stay in - at least for now:

1. We are not paying him a lot of money. And so we aren't paying much for his bad play. So I don't feel as bad keeping him.

2. Of our QB choices, you might want to put in David Carr. Sure. But really, what is the difference between one 1st overall over the next.  So go with the one that the players are used to. 

3. David Carr could be ok. But you assume just cause it's no longer Alex Smith then we will get wins. But I bet 1000 dollars that if David Carr loses a game, you all will say "TROY SMITH."  you Nate Davis niner fans need to not be so demanding.

4. I think when Smith has played well, we all usually take back what we have said. Prior to this Sunday's game and after the saints game  I saw all the hope in your eyes. Then after this game you are all about Nate Davis again.

5. What do I have against Nate Davis? nothing. I have a whole lot against his fans though. Kind of like how I feel about Seattle or Cowboys fans.

6. You say what do we have to lose if we put in someone else? You say this with the anticipation that it will be that much different. And we don't know that. 

7. I think Smith is the best of the selection we have. I say this because again when he has played well we were all jump for joy and "Nate who?": But yes he pisses us off real bad when he plays bad. 

8. I just don't want to have to rebuild again. Firing him is just preamble to that. And as I have been discussing this whole time, I am afraid to face that almost inevitable reality. 


So all in all, just let Singletary try to figure it out. I am usually a realist but for the 49ers I am more of a realist hopeful.  Because if the season ultimately goes to dust, we know what is coming. 

And please don't give me that " SHOULDA SIGNED VICK." You all weren't all for that before his two games this season. 

So yes! Go Niners! Season is early! let's bank on this new OC, and see what happens. Anything can happen in the NFL. I'm sure you all were wrong about that KC and SD Monday night game. (including me). Raise your hand if you had KC, Chicago, and PITT as the teams with the best records in the NFL? Yeah I thought so. 

Let's live this a game at a time and hope for the best. I mean, we have no other choice. 

So let's do have a better season to at least try to (post-pone) having to rebuild. You might say "oh just a few changes. Fire Smith and we'll be good. Draft Terrel Pryor!" More than that will happen my friends. And it's not going to be a pleasant next 3-4 seasons. Then we're just like the Lions. 


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