Glen Johnson May Be the Right Man To Breathe Life into the Super Six Again

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2010

TAMPA, FLORIDA - APRIL 12:   Action between Chad Dawson (R) and  Glen Johnson during the WBC Light Heavyweight title fight on Saturday April 12, 2008 at St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
John Gichigi/Getty Images

Lou DiBella has made told Rick Reeno of that Glen Johnson is in the running to replace Mikkel Kessler in the Super Six World Boxing Classic.

Reeno has also stated that Sakio Bika has turned down the chance to fight Allan Green in the tournament. He citied personal reasons for turning down the offer.

As far as surprises go this is a fairly big one. Johnson has not fought at super middleweight since a 2000 TKO win over Toks Owoh.

It has been 10 years and at the ripe old age of 41 moving back down to the 168 pound limit seems a bit of a stretch. Johnson of course says that he could make the weight without problems.

Johnson always comes in shape but his last fight he looked a little soft for the first time I can remember and although the fight was fast paced he looked to gas out in the later rounds against Tavoris Cloud.

He has weighed right around the 175 pound limit in his last three fights. He has weighed in at 173 ½, 173 ¼, and 173 for his last three fights.

Those aren’t extremely close but he has come in the ring around 190 pounds on fight night. There has been talk about him moving weights but the talks were for him to move up to cruiserweight.


Honestly if he makes any move it would make sense for him to be moving up and not moving down as he would have to for the Super Six.

Outside of the weight issue his inclusion in the Super Six actually makes a lot of sense and is something I would love to see happen.

He is still a good fighter even at 41 and wouldn’t complain about fighting the other fighters as he always fights good competition and does it at their house more often then not.

He is coming off a loss and is only 3-3 in his last six but the losses have been to top flight competition. The losses were to Chad Dawson twice and Tavoris Cloud both top fighters in the 175 pound division.

Another thing that makes Johnson ideal is the fact he is promoted by DiBella and so is Green. This would make it easier as it wouldn’t drag another promoter into the mix.

The Super Six is on life support at this point and the inclusion of another promoter and long negotiations could be the end of it. With Johnson this would be avoided.

The last roadblock for him could be Green himself. Green had trouble getting to 168 for the fight with Andre Ward and was considering a move up to 175.

Basically they would be trying to put on a fight between a guy who hasn’t made 175 in 10 years and a guy who wants to leave the 168 pound weight division.


There would also be the problem of finding a landing date for this fight. There is very little wiggle room to get this fight a home in 2010.

It would appear it would land on the Juan Manuel Lopez-Rafael Marquez undercard in Las Vegas. There only other choice appears to be on the Jean Pascal-Bernard Hopkins undercard.

This seems very unlikely since that is a Pay-Per-View and the rest of the Super Six has been free on Showtime. Fans would also be upset at having to pay to see two replacement fighters.

Showtime is in a tough spot and if they do get Johnson it may breath some life back into the tournament and bring a few fans back.

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