Forgotten Gems: Why WWE Divas Gail Kim, Jillian, and Natalya Deserve Pushes

Renee GerberCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2010

Gail Kim, photo copyright to
Gail Kim, photo copyright to

WWE has a really bad habit of not pushing some of their most deserving talent. This is certainly the case with many of the male wrestlers, including people like the released Shelton Benjamin as well as current stars such as MVP, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, and Christian.

The female wrestlers, better known as divas, are no exception to this rule.

There are three women in particular who are extremely deserving of a push, more so than a few of their counterparts whom have already received the honor. They are Gail Kim, Jillian, and Natalya.

Let me start with Gail Kim. The Asian Sensation, as she is also occasionally known, made her WWE debut back in 2003 and instantly took the women's division by storm by winning the Women's Championship on her first night. This woman is, simply put, amazing, and has an incredible array of moves and maneuvers at her disposal. These include the dragon sleeper, the Happy Ending, and the highly innovative Eat Defeat.

Gail is a high flyer who is not afraid to go to the top turnbuckle and take to the air. She often incorporates missile dropkicks and crossbody blocks in her matches, and, of the women currently in WWE, is possibly the diva most reminiscent of the awesome Lita.

The one area Gail may be lacking is in establishing a personality, but I believe that is more WWE's fault than her own. She has the goods to warrant receiving a push toward the Divas Championship, which I believe she should have won back in February, when she faced Maryse in the final in a tournament for the then-vacated title.

Next up is RAW's resident "pop princess," Jillian. Like Gail Kim, she is an incredible talent but is probably even more well-rounded in that she can give amazing promos.

Jillian is the total package as far as divas are concerned. She has a great in-ring arsenal at her disposal, has a terrific look, and a ton of charisma. She has proven time and again that she is a true professional, though sadly, she has been relegated to jobber status.

No doubt, a good part of the reason behind this is her singing gimmick. As the "pop princess," Jillian is hilarious and always entertaining. However, the WWE doesn't seem to take her seriously and hasn't ever since they gave her this schtick.

Once upon a time, Jillian was the number one babyface diva on SmackDown! This occurred after she split from JBL as his personal consultant. The face-turn was a blessing, as this diva seems to be a constant victim of her gimmicks. Who doesn't remember her debuting with a huge weird "mole" on her face that was later eaten off by the Boogeyman?

All that being said, Jillian did get the honor of winning the Divas Championship last October against Mickie James on RAW. Unfortunately, she was the title-holder for less than five minutes, as Melina made her triumphant return to the red brand and beat her for the title.

A new rumor is circulating on the IWC that Jillian may be on her way to retirement very soon, and that she will continue to work as a trainer for younger divas in the WWE. I am hoping this is not true, because I would like to see her with at least one decent title reign.

Finally, there's third-generation wrestler and member of the famed Hart family, Natalya. The daughter of Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, who trained at her grandfather Stu Hart's Dungeon, is another total-package diva who can compete with the best of them. She made her debut on SmackDown! in 2008 and occasionally teamed up with her "BFF," Victoria, as well as Maryse. She competed in the final match for the then-brand new Divas Championship against Michelle McCool, and although she didn't win, she was deserving and showed a fantastic effort.

Natalya's problem is that she has been mainly used as a valet/manager ever since the Hart Dynasty came on the scene. Acting as their manager is obviously not the problem; not being in many matches is what has been holding her back.

Now that the Dynasty recently dropped their Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions, it seems that Natalya has a little time to delve into the women's division once again. Since she and her team were drafted to RAW back in April, she has only competed in six-person mixed tag matches against the Usos and Tamina. However, tonight, there is something big in store for Natalya on RAW, and just in case there are readers who don't read spoilers, I won't give it away here.

Of course, I am a big fan of each of the divas I discussed. I would like to see them climb the ladder in the WWE, especially Jillian if the rumors are true. Each of these women have worked hard and given it their all to get where they are today. All deserve the highest accolades!