Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Pay-Per-View Will Devalue Hell In A Cell

Blair T-BContributor ISeptember 28, 2010

Hello Bleacher Report, it's good to be writing again. I enjoyed reading and commenting every ones articles, but I haven't found anyone who have written about the devaluation of the Hell In A Cell match.

How would one define the Hell In A Cell? Two tonnes of unforgiving steel? The Devils Playground? But there's a problem with these definitions. Those who remember The Hell In The Cells of the 90's remember the HBK vs Undertaker classic or the Undertaker vs Mankind carnage. Those with younger memories would remember Triple H vs Cactus Jack or Armageddon Hell in A Cell when Kurt Angle came out on top. There were some definite classics, some terrible, unmemorable disasters and plenty of matches in between.

Generally Hell In A Cell represented the culmination of months of feuding including some, if not all segments, matches, run ins, Backstage Assaults, steel chairs and a crowd in awe when they find out two top competitors will be fighting in a very unusual, demonic and violent match. The Hell In A Cell was rarely used and i believe it always had a special feeling surrounding it.

I'm okay with gimmick pay-per-views, They add change into the usual schedule. I don't like the idea of pay-per-views being so close together, and mixing both together will ruin the mystique of the Hell in the Cell. How can a decent feud between Randy Orton and Sheamus be created in two weeks that make such an awesome and damaging match meaningful?

They are both great superstars (well Randy is) but they have about two weeks, and little history between them. Undertaker and Kane should be alright, their feud is an example for preparation and months of feuding along with their long history. But Randy vs Sheamus seems to be a recipe for a forgettable match, and that shouldn't be in the cell.

I know their have been some awful HITC matches, but I believe booking a pay-per-view that makes all the top titles in a HIAC is a very bad move, because its like booking an embarrassment for the Cell to happen once every year, where is the surprise? where is the OMG look on the wrestlers faces as they get told they are doing battle inside the cell Mick Foley made dangerous?

I hope RKO and Sheamus can prove me wrong, but I'm not counting on it

Thank you for reading this article, and please leave comments and do the poll :) Its great to write for Bleacher Report again.