Matt Hardy Going to TNA May End Up As The Best Career Choice For Hardy

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IISeptember 27, 2010

WWE is pretty much on the verge of releasing Matt Hardy because of his recent internet tirade about being sent home from the WWE European tour. Matt posted a video on youtube killing the rumor, but it also left a sour taste in WWE's mouth, thus pretty much prompting them to release the former United States champion.

Matt has been with the WWE since 1997, and yes, even though Matt will be gone from the WWE, the release could be a new lease on his career. Matt could end up in TNA, and if he does sign on with the young company then he may end up saving his less-than-steller career.

Matt has been at mid-card status in the WWE since his 2009 feud with younger brother Jeff, and he hadn't even been getting on television much since WrestleMania. Matt had been viewed in the WWE as a wrestler who had reached his full career potential and could only be used in situations that could put over younger talent.

The WWE has misused Hardy since he returned in 2005, and while Hardy has been bashed so much about how he never should be anywhere near to the world title, the fact still remained that Hardy was still a solid in-ring performer that was popular with the fans.

Matt Hardy can still get it done in the ring, and if he does decide to sign with TNA, he may end up as a success.


Reasons why TNA should sign Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is a popular wrestler with fans young and old because of his ability and his desire to be the best he can be. Hardy's popularity will make TNA even more well-known around the wrestling world, and having both Hardys in the company could help TNA get some more prime-time exposure.

TNA has brought back so many stars from the past, from Ric Flair, to Hulk Hogan, to even the Nasty Boys, so Matt Hardy has a welcome mat if he decides to sign on to TNA because of his past success and the fact is that Hardy can still wrestle on a high level.

TNA already has Jeff Hardy on the roster, so if Matt does indeed sign with TNA then TNA could have a Hardy Boyz reunion and maybe have a damn entertaining tag team that could put over some younger teams like Generation Me, Motor City Machineguns, and Beer Money.


Reasons why Matt Hardy Should Sign With TNA

Matt has not had much success in the WWE since Jeff left in the summer of 2009, so TNA could give Mr. Hardy a push towards greatness as a TV champion, and then maybe give Matt an opportunity to put over some of the younger talent like Rob Terry or The Pope.

Matt Hardy will be given the opportunity to work with some talent that he has never gotten into the ring with, like Hernandez, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and others, plus Matt can work with guys that he had in-ring success with, like Shannon Moore, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam.

Matt Hardy is a guy that fans either love or hate, but the fact remains that Matt is a top-tier star in the wrestling industry and could still be great if given the chance. I hope for Matt Hardy's sake that he signs with TNA so that he can prove to the WWE that he can indeed get it done inside of the squared circle.


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