2012 College Football Recruiting: Coy Brown Is Ready To Take Over the Spotlight

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2010

Not easy to tackle, Coy Brown fights through would-be tacklers.
Not easy to tackle, Coy Brown fights through would-be tacklers.

If you haven't heard his name by now you may as well not know your high school football or college football recruiting.

Coy Brown, he grew up an hour away from Notre Dame University, home of the Irish and also home to just one of the schools taking a look at Brown, a junior from Northwood High School in Nappanee, Ind.

While you may be able to find Brown's name on some of the top recruiting sites on the web, Brown took the time out to really connect and share everything that makes him the great player that he is today, a player wanted by many division-one schools.

Brown a 6'0" 208 pound running back/line backer has heard from the likes of Michigan, Michigan St., Indiana University, Iowa and Alabama. To be recruited by those schools you must be special and when speaking of his game, Brown compares himself to another young back in the NFL.

" I think my playing style is like Matt Forte, being able to run and catch passes but I also feel like I play like Beanie Wells." Brown said.

While the recruits are coming so are the doubters, "I want people to know that even though I'm a big back I have good feet as well as vision. I can also set up and read my blocks fairly well. Another weapon to my game is that I have good hands which are a plus for any running back." Brown said.

Brown's able to shut the critics up. A very humble, respectable, and talented young kid, Brown is destined for a bright future. It's not all about football for Brown who also stays involved helping out at his high school.

"I have helped in the community building, a town park, and also minor things to help. Right now I'm helping out with the functional education in school for a class. As much as everyone talks about me for football I am also very helpful and very easy to talk too." Brown said.

So while the scouts and recruits write about his talent and what he will bring to a top college, Brown talks about what drives him.

"My family definitely drives me to do the best of my ability and strive for greatness."

When it's all said and done, Brown has already make huge strides toward greatness. As a sophomore last year Brown entered the fourth game of the season late in the first half and from there his play was recognized. Carrying the ball 17 times for 150 yards and two touchdowns, opposing coaches were dumbfounded and the scouts came calling.

He's got another year before announcing where he will be playing college football at but take notice of Coy Brown now if he you haven't already, he's got strides toward greatness and it won't be long before you see him leading a top college football team on national television.