Sebastian Janikowski: Don't Blame Him for Raiders Loss to Cardinals

King KContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

not all his fault
not all his faultChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Ok it is very brutal he missed that easy chip shot. Its worse that he missed three field goals that game. But let's not put it all on the shoulders of the man who has 19 game winning field goals and the franchise record for most points ALL TIME.

Fact, of the three missed field goals one was a 58 yarder. Yes it is true we have all seen Janikowski kick longer field goals, but one must question why he has to even attempt such ridiculously long field goals? Our offense cannot produce. And that is the biggest issue here. They are the ones to be blamed. Some exceptions should be Darren McFadden and Bruce Gradkowski. Honorable Mention to Darrius Heyward-Bey. 

But our Red Zone scoring percentage was pathetic! If we cant put points on the board when we are less than 20 yards out there is a big problem there.

Further the play-calling was horrendous. Tom Cable needs to stop answering questions of why he started which QB or How he feels bout DMC, etc. and be accountable for bush league coaching. I like the guy, and I think he is good for the organization for motivation but last two years his "offensive line" which he was a coach of has been brutal. And Hue Jackson needs to be his partner not his subordinate. 

It is completely unreasonable to wait 44 seconds on 3rd down to kick a field goal and call a time out...when we are a RUNNING TEAM! Low risk, huge reward, possible TD? 

Or how about not even being in this situation if Zach Miller would have called the timeout instead of taking the delay of game penalty on the 1 yard line!?

Or how about special teams on opening kick-off giving up a TD? Arizona is not known for their special teams play.

Or how about the defense, giving up 24 points to the Cardinals? Asomugha shut down Fitzgerald but even Fitz got a TD. 

We lost as a team. Period.

In conclusion, do not be quick to blame the kicker, he is the highest paid kicker in the league ever, he has saved us other times, and he still has the most points so he is by definition our best player. Give him a break and make the rest of the team accountable too.