WrestleMania 27: Potential To Be One of the Biggest in Years

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IISeptember 26, 2010

While WrestleMania 27 is still six months away, my mind is clearly on it right now for many reasons.

This will be my second WrestleMania I've attended after driving down to Orlando, Fla., to watch WrestleMania 24 back in 2008.

Next year, WrestleMania is in my backyard.  The Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

I would like to look at realistic possibilities for next year's WrestleMania main event without daydreaming about any big returns to the ring (The Rock, Goldberg).

My heart is set on the fact that no one can beat The Undertaker and end the streak, it just isn't fathomable.  Maybe, The Rock... if he would have stayed in WWE his entire career, but he didn't.

So, with that being said, who will The Undertaker face and defeat as his 19th victory at WrestleMania?  Nobody.

I believe that The Undertaker would have already laced up his boots for the last time before next year's Mania, or simply, just take the event off and be an enforcer, or not at the event at all.

So, who will be the champions at the time of WrestleMania?

Randy Orton may lose the WWE Championship before WWE invades the Georgia Dome for Mania, but I think he will win the 2011 Royal Rumble and face whoever is Champion.  Who might that be?

John Cena.

Not just the same old John Cena we are accustomed to, he could be a changed man at this point.  A heel perhaps.

I think Cena and Orton could tear the roof off of the Georgia Dome.

As far at the World Heavyweight Championship goes.. I think it will be vacated in time for Mania and the winner of the John Cena/Randy Orton match will take home the new, unified, WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It sounds crazy, I know, believe me, I am feeling crazy typing it out onto my screen.  However, when I think of the possibilities, and I look at the SmackDown roster, I think it is possible.

If The Undertaker doesn't have the title and isn't around, who will.  Kofi Kingston? Kane? CM Punk again?  I dunno.

The unified champion would be able to go on either show as champion as well, boosting ratings and opening up more storyline possibilities. 

With this being said, I hope I am at the Georgia Dome to witness Cena snake bitten by "The Viper", as Randy Orton begins a new chapter in his career and WWE.

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