FC Gold Pride vs. Philadelphia: A Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst ISeptember 26, 2010

T-18 hours to kickoff: I've never been on a Greyhound bus in my life. I've been on trains, I've been on planes, but I have never been on this common carrier of North American renown. Today marks the very first time that I get to use the Hound.

T-17 hours: Apparently it is also the first time I get to use this line called Crucero. I've seen the buses pass by at will every time I use the Long Beach Transit 171, but I've never been on one of those in the fold. It does feel like it's accustomed to the working-class traveler, the line for the transient or the backpacker (which I would qualify under.)

I am surprised that people can use this line for as little as a dollar. It's just like public transportation, only cheaper. So I've heard. And since they are in partnership with Greyhound, I thought, whatever, I might as well give this a try.

T-16: This Los Angeles Greyhound station is not too bad. I like the decor, and it's got wireless...so long as the Crucero buses are around...otherwise it's a pay-as-you-go deal.

T-15: I'm seeing Greyhounds and Cruceros pass by in and out as I type this early pregame Other Miscellany portion of this piece.

T-13: The bus ride from Los Angeles to Oakland takes about, I would guess, six hours with a brief stop in Hollywood and early morning breakfast at a town in the middle of the state called, I believe, Coalinga.

The Hound cruises through the Golden State Freeway, also known as Interstate ROute 5 until you get to Canada, where it becomes Trans-Canada Highway 1, or Mexico, where it becomes National Highway 1, the Baja California highway.

T-12: 12 hours to go to kickoff at Pioneer. This will be the final stop of a three-university tour. We started in the University of West Chester for the First ROund, Harvard University for the Super Semifinal and now California State University, East Bay for the Championship Game.

T-11: In short, it's an all-academic postseason. I realize that all but two of the teams in the league play at universities. The Pride play at CSUEB. Atlanta plays at Kennessaw State. Sky Blue plays at Rutgers. Boston plays at Harvard and Philadelphia plays at West Chester.

T-10: Well, Cal State Dominguez Hills IS a university too, and they have a venue; I'm not sure why there isn't a WPS team there yet...

T-540 minutes: The bus continues to pass by fields, farms, more fields, more farms...in short, it's going through the heart of California. Finally, it enters Oakland

T-450 minutes: Personally, I have never been to Hayward. But I hear it's a great place for the Lionesses of the East Bay to go out on the prowl.

T-360 minutes: My assumptions were verified on the spot as I arrive. Hayward is a pretty cool place. It's full of hills, more hills, wonderful houses, more hills, friendly people and wild turkey dancing about. Did I mention that it has hills? I think I did.

T-120 minutes: One of the gripes that I have with the campus are the broken vendor machines. If a Gatorade machine is out of order, shouldn't it say so instead of swallowing quarters at will?

T-90 minutes: Aside from that, I love Cal State East Bay. And with that, it's time for me to go straight to the tale of the tape.

FC Gold Pride is 16-3-5 (53 points), good for first overall in the regular season while the Philadephia Independence are 10-10-4 (34 points), good for third on the table.

T-80 minutes: The Indies' Joanna Lohman will be out today due to a bad ankle. Otherwise, there are no discipline issues, no national team obligations, nothing.

T-75: We are 75 minutes to kickoff here at the home of the Lionesses of the Bay, Pioneer Stadium. For FC Gold Pride, it will be crucial for Marta and the gang to score first. When they score first, they are 16-0-0. W+hen they don't, the Pride are 0-3-2.

T-70: Prior to the match, Marta was awarded her Michelle Akers Player of the Year Award trophy and PUMA Golden Boot, Paul Riley his WPS Coach of the Year Award, Nicole Barnhart the Goalkeeper of the Year Award and Gold Pride defender Ali Riley the WPS Rookie of the Year.

T-60 minutes: The gates open, and the fans begin to file in.

T-55: As the players warm up, it's time to bring you the ine-ups.

Manager: Albertin Montoya
Formation: 4-3-3
Colors: Black tops with gold accents, black shorts, Black socks


1 Nicole Barnhart


9 Kandace Wilson ---- 5 Candice Chapman ---- 4 Rachel Buehler (C) ---- 3 Ali Riley


14 Becky Edwards ----- 77 Shannon Boxx ---- 20 Camille Abily


15 Tiffeny Milbrett ---- 10 Marta ---- 12 Christine Sinclair




18 Brittany Cameron GK
13 Kristen Graczyk DEF
17 Niki Cross DEF
19 Carrie Dew DEF
2 Kim Yokers MID
11 Kiki Bosio MID
7 Kelley O'Hara FWD


Manager: Paul Riley
Formation: 4-4-2
Colors: Gold tops with gold accents, grey shorts, gold socks


1 Val Henderson


24 Estelle Johnson ---- 15 Nikki Krzysik ---- 3 Allison Falk ---- 26 Holmfridur Magnusdottir


9 Caroline Seger ---- 6 Lori Lindsey (C) ----- 4 Jen Buczkowski ---- 25 Tina DiMartino


8 Amy Rodriguez ---- 10 Lianne Sanderson




23 Karina LeBlanc GK
2 Heather Mittsw DEF
5 Sarah Senty DEF
7 Sara Larsson DEF
18 Kelley Henderson MID
16 Lyndsey Patterson FWD
19 Danesha Adams FWD

T-45: Mark Rogandino and Jenn Hildreth going through their lines to my left. "Philly, Philly, PHILLY!" Rogo reminds himself. You know, it's never an easy profession that, so you gotta do it right.

T-30: Good ol' Robert Penner. If he didn't bring those bottle of Gatorade, the CSUEB Foundation wouldn't have been off the hook.

T-15: Jen Bennett is our referee today. Linesmen are Marlene Duffy and Veronica Perez, and Kari Seita is our fourth official.

T-0: Both teams walk on to the pitch. National anthem by Melinda Lira.

Hello, hello, hello; it seems the SOns of Ben—er, Daughters of Betsy are here.


1' - The 2010 WPS Championship presented by Citi is underway. Will the East prevail again? Or will it be redemption for Marta?

Some early jostling in order. Now it's Marta. And that's going to go out.

2' - Ali Riley with the throw-in. Now come the Independence. This is Lianne Sanderson.

3' - Free kick from Sanderson is headed wide. Goal kick for Nicole Barnhart.

4' - Now come the Pride on the right side, but that is out for a goal kick to Val Henderson of UCLA.

Now it's Amy Rodriguez. There's a foul, and FC Gold Pride go back on the attack.

5' - The men and women of the Serengeti supporters group in attendance. Close chance for Marta just misses. First major bullet dodged. Sanderson with the throw-in, and here's Camille Abily.

6' - Nobody in the middle for the Pride equals an easy sweep for the Indies.

7' - Shannon Boxx gets met in the middle, and now here's Riley. Tenuous possession battle.

8' - Riley resets. Philly now counters, but the Pride. Here's Marta, but the back line of the Independence keeps the Brazillian international in check.

9' - Early in the match, and it's scoreless.

10' - And now here's Marta again, but Tiffeny Milbrett in jammed.

11' - Rachel Buehler with the ball. And here comes Christine Sinclair. A kick save from Henderson.

12' - Now here comes Philadelphia, but that is stopped for a goal kick.

13' - Back come the Lionesses of the East Bay. And Sanderson is there on the feast to make the next stop on defense.

14' - Warm day here at Pioneer Stadium, and the Pride are winning the possession battle so far. Shot from Marta is saved by Henderson. She will be seeing plenty of those, Henderson will.

15' - Riley gets to it just in time. Here come the Pride.

16' - Candace Chapman is marked for the Pride. Free kick, Milbrtt to take and headed out.

17' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 12 Christine Sinclair, unassisted
If at first you don't succeed, shoot, shoot, and shoot again. First blood to the Lionesses of the East Bay off the fourth attempt.

18' - Well, these Indies have rallied before; can they do it again? Offsides to the Pride, goal kick to Val Henderson.

19' - This Pride team is getting the job done with possession. I wonder why my Galaxy back line can't do what this back line can in regards to passing and stops. Makes you wonder.

20' - 20 minutes in, 1-0 to the Pride.

21' - Free kick from Chapman lofted, and the attack just fizzled. Goal kick, Henderson.

22' - Here's Ali Riley. And I'm not sure where Becky Edwards was trying to pass that one to.

23' - Mondegreen alert from the Serengeti. Is it "GO PRIDE!" or "GOLD PRIDE!"?

24' - Sinclair again, and they can just leve it to Buehler here in the back. Paul Riley, without his blazer on, watches with a cool intention as Albertin Montoya gives instructions as the Pride manager goes about his merry way.

25' - There's a save from the Goalkeeper of the Year, and Chapman with the sweep.

26' - Where was Caroline Seger passing that one to, pray tell? Easy save for Henderson on the Abily shot as Pounce rouses the masses.

27' - Pride reset. Philadelphia is only down a goal at this juncture, and they have proved to come back from a goal down, after all. They aren't playing like and expansion team, that's for sure.

28' - Here's Shannon Boxx...and this could be trouble for Philadelphia!

29' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 9 Kandace Wilson, Assist 10 Marta
Ohhh boy. Marta wants payback, and so far, she is getting it. Great sequence, but bad defense from Allison Falk.

30' - The Pride are turning the jets on after that break in the transition.

31' - Now it's Holmfridur Magnusdottir, the Icelandic international, but she is stopped by Nicole Barnhart. It's Game On here at Pioneer Stadium.

32' - Tina DiMartino me by Buehler. Hello, nice to meet you.

33' - That ball for Marta misses, but Jen Bennett calls the foul.

34' - We are 34 minutes in the contest and it's 2-0 FC Gold Pride. Great stuff from Chapman. She isn't as highly-touted, but she deserves all the praise she gets as far as I'm concerned. That's what I call a stopper.

35' - Here comes Buehler. That shot from Milbrett is tipped high for a corner.

36' - Corner is cleared. And Henderson makes another stop.

37' - Here's Marta. And the passing clinic continues. Offsides, Pride.

38' - This is a great turnout for the closing act. If this result holds people, I fancy Hayward's gonna be the women's football capital of the world!

39' - Ali Riley again, and Philly is called back for offsides. Nothing fancy in this system under Don Albertin. It's a sound formation, and Philly is not having any response to this. This is a drag for them.

40' - So we are now 40 minutes in the contest, and it's 2-0 FC Gold Pride. Not an insurmountable margin, but it will be difficult if Paul Riley's club don't figure themn out real soon. And I mean REAL soon.

41' - More from Marta, as the Serengeti does their Sunday Serengeti Serenade. Too many S's, I know.

42' - Here's Riley with another throw. That didn't work out, and it will be a goal kick to Val Henderson.

43' - There's a stop from the Indies, who elect to slow it down for a bit.

44' - I think the fans are waiting for Kiki Bosio to step in and do one of her throw-ins. Some juggling in order.

45' - All right, Kari Seitz, how many of stoppage time do you have for us? Just one? Duly noted.

45' + 1' - We are one half away from determining the champion of Women's Professional Soccer. It's...



FC Gold Pride 2
Christine Sinclair 17'
Kandace Wilson 29'


Philadelphia Independence 0


FC Gold Pride 2
Philadelphia Independence 0

Shots on Goal
FC Gold Pride 4
Philadelphia Independence 2

FC Gold Pride 2
Philadelphia Independence 2

FC Gold Pride 1
Philadelphia Independence 0

FC Gold Pride 2
Philadelphia Independence 9

Yellow Cards
FC Gold Pride 0
Philadelphia Independence 0


46' - Time for the final second half of the 2010 WPS season. Some adjustments may have to be in order for Paul Riley and his crew. And big adjustments at that.

Now this is inviting...but Val Henderson is there to pounce on it, much to Pounce's chagrin.

47' - And Christine Sinclair should have done better. Great save from Henderson from Marta. Barnhart counters with a stop on Sanderson.

48' - Early action in this second half, a 2-0 FC Gold Pride lead.

49' - Marta on the loose, and Abily volley misses to the right.

50' - Philly on the offensive, but the Pride clear.

51' - This is trouble here, but Shannon Boxx can't handle that one.

52' - The Pride are just biding their time, as Kandace Wilson throws that in.

53' - And the Lionesses of the East Bay push.

GOAL! FC Gold Pride 12 Christine Sinclair, Assist 10 Marta
Oh dear, oh dear, it is getting ugly as Estadio Pioneer. No gringo pun rhyme intended. Couldn't write it up any better. It's a brace for the Canadian international.

54' - Daughters of Betsy have been pretty silent after this. This hasn't been their day.

55' - Too high a shot from Marta, needs to give it a tempting tap in.

56' - We are now 56 minutes into the contest, and it is a 3-0 beatdown by FC Gold Pride. This is Wilson, and that will be a corner.

57' - Cleared away. Holmfridur Magnusdottir has not been a factor today, but Marta has, and she almost got a goal to her name

58' - Substitution Philadelphia Independence
IN 19 Danesha Adams
OUT 6 Lori Lindsey

This most likely will be a relief role for her.

59' - And the chippiness and frustration mounts for the Indepedence. ugh, Gary Glitter...

60' - Free kick, cleared. Danesha Adams is dispossessed. Here's Magnusdottir. There's a collision; hello, nice to meet you.

61' - Philadelphia looks like a beaten side as that pass by Marta misses wide left for a goal kick.

62' - So we are 62 minutes in the contest, and Adams elects to play it back. Not sure if that was a wise move on her part.

63' - Albertin Montoya, rockin' those shades. A break for the Indies. It's a corner. Cleared away.

64' - Becky Edwards in shaken up, but is otherwise fine.

Substitution Philadelphia Independence
IN 2 Heather Mitts
OUT 10 Lianne Sanderson

65' - Philadelphia's physical play hasn't seemed to work.

66' - Yellow card 4 Jen Buczkowski
Philadelphia Independence

Substitution FC Gold Pride
IN 7 Kelley O'Hara
OUT 20 Camille Abily

67' - Back to the passing clinic for the Pride, and the dispossession clinic for the Indies. So what else is new?

68' - Again, I have to say this one more time: the Indies look tired. That what happens when you finish third on the table and have to play three matches in eight games.

69' - Positional minute. 3-0 Fc GolFd Pride.

70' - Free kick cleared. Shot by Kelley O'Hara misses wide right. They are just leaving Henderson out to dry today. It's been a sorry affair for the Indies goalkeeper, it really has.

71' - Throw-in for Wilson. And Philadelphia scoops that up. Offsides, Independence. It's been that type of day.

72' - 5,228 came out for this one. An English non-League crowd. Not bad. Corner for the Pride's Marta doesn't amount to much.

73' - The Serengiti, now in beefcake mode.

74' - Sounds like "ROLL! TIDE!" in the background. Unintentional mondegree as this free kick begins. Too low.

75' - There's a stop from Henderson on O'Hara.

Substitution Philadelphia Independence
16 Lyndsey Patterson
OUT 9 Caroline Seger

Substitution FC Gold Pride
IN 11 Kiki Bosio
OUT 77 Shannon Boxx

76' - Salt N Pepa from the Serengeti? Had to chuckle. Tiffeny Milbrett couldn't get to that one.

77' - 77 minutes has passed, and it's still 3-0 FC Gold Pride.

78' - Good anticipation by Val Henderson on Marta. Shot from Danesha Adams misses the top right corner. One of a few times the Indies actually threatened this half.

79' - Substitution FC Gold Pride
IN 13 Kristen Graczyk
OUT 5 Candace Chapman

80' - It looks quite clear where all signs are pointing to at this juncture.

81' - This is Frida Magnusdottir. And Marta gets fouled.

82' - Wilson tackled hard. I'm not sure what is the point in the Indies going with this tactic at this juncture. They could bring this game into disrepute at this rate, Philly will.

83' - 83 minutes in, and it's still 3-0 FC Gold Pride. Ali Riley will feel that one for a bit.

84' - The passing clinic goes on. It's merely a game of keepaway at this point.

85' - Five minutes to go, plus stoppage...

86' - Magnusdottie can't get a break in the midfield today. There definitely will be people who will want to buy season tickets now.

87' - Ali Riley's shot is saved by val Henderson.

88' - This is WIlson...off the crossbar. That nearly found the top left corner.

89' - This is some decent possession late from Philadelphia...consolation, that.

90' - How many minutes of stoppage time will we get here, Kari Seitz? Goal kick, Nicole Barnhart. One minute.

90' + 1' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta
That's it! They have done it!



Christine Sinclair 17', 53'
Kandace Wilson 29'
Marta 90 + 1'



And the 2010 WPS season concludes with Albertin Montoya's FC Gold Pride gaining their first WPS star. A job well done.

Stay tuned for the final WPS Power Rankings on the WPS Fan Corner, the View from Victoria Street and on Bleacher Report!


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