UCF Knights: Official Review Of Bright House Networks Stadium

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2010

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Bright House Networks Stadium is the home of the University of Central Florida Knights. The Knights, a team on the rise, are in the mix this season to win a conference title in Conference-USA.

Every year the Knights’ fan base continues to grow, as UCF has a student body of over 50,000. The Knights have already been brought up in talks with the Big East Conference expansion, which would help this huge school gain national exposure.

Every football game at Bright House Networks Stadium is better than the last.

Food and Beverage   3/5

Bright House Networks Stadium has its fair assortment of food, from pizza, to pork chops still on the bone, to Italian ice. While there are no food items that have become a stapled tradition at UCF, there are items that will satisfy, no matter the situation. There are also beverage carts around the stadium, along with water fountains.

Bright House Networks Stadium has one main concourse, on ground level, which features 11 permanent concession stands, along with many portable carts situated around the stadium.

Prices are a little below average compared to other schools, however, it would be in any fan's best interest to fill up on food and drink during the pregame tailgate.

Atmosphere   4/5

For a school that is still on the rise, the Knights have a ton of support from its current student body and recent alumni. The student section, which is on the south side of the stadium, is always full with raucous fans.

It has become a popular tradition for the entire stadium to “bounce” to the song Zombie Nation. As seen in the clip, the entire stadium shakes. Don’t worry though, the stadium has been deemed structurally sound several seasons ago when there was concern over the activity.

Another tradition is tailgating at Memory Mall, which is a huge grass strip that sits before the UCF Arena and Bright House Networks Stadium. Growing increasingly popular, Memory Mall fills up many hours before kickoff, so if you attend a UCF game, get there very early—at least three to four hours. UCF also has a wet campus, so you can drink alcohol on campus, if you are of age.

Overall, it is a great atmosphere that promises to only get better as time goes on.


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