UFC 119 Results: Melvin Guillard Wins But Indianapolis Fans Boo

Andrew GladstoneCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2010

First on the UFC 119 pay-per-view portion of the card is a bout between lightweight sluggers "The Young Assassin" Melvin Guillard (25-8-2) and Jeremy "Lil Heathen" Stephens (17-5).

Stephens manages to scare Guillard's corner early with a powerful right hand that stuns Guillard, but Guillard is able to rally.

From there Guillard seems to be more disciplined with his strikes and lands effective counter strikes throughout much of the first round. Guillard ended the round with a solid combination, but the round is tough to score.

Round two picks up with Stephens having a hard time finding the range. Guillard takes over but halfway through the round Guillard lands a shot below the belt. The action picks up and Guillard gets kicked south of the border shortly after the restart.

Round two picks up and Stephens begins to score on Guillard with kicks to close out the round. But the fans seem unimpressed with another hard round to score.

The third and final round sees both men go to a slow but a methodical approach. Melvin gets the better of the hands, but Stephens utilizes powerful leg kicks in the first half. The audience still remains unimpressed.

Guillard is stunned with a body shot from Stephens late in the round and Stephens tries to pounces but to no avail.  

Stephens manages to finish the round with a knee in the Muay Thai clinch. After the bell you can see Guillard limping to his corner.

Melvin Guillard defeats Jeremy Stephens via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

The Indianapolis crowd seemed to disagree with the decision and booed Guillard.