Randy Orton Seventh WWE Title Reign: Too Soon Or Too Late

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 25, 2010

Randy Orton is a big thing on Raw and an even bigger thing in WWE and on September 19, 2010 on a PPV called Night of Champions Orton won what he deserved for a long time the WWE Championship. He outlasted 5 other men and got out of the drought he has been in for almost a year and won his historic seventh reign. 

But you see when Randy Orton won he was given a 10 minute celebration on PPV while his theme song rang and people from across the world cheered, but I noticed something that moment I was happy when Orton won but not shocked. It didn't give me that "Oh My God" moment that I and many Ortonites across the globe had been waiting for. After all that pushing and failing at PPV's it was all for nothing. 

Do you guys remember when Jeff Hardy won his WWE Title everybody was ecstatic the entire world could not believe it, it gave us all that "Oh My God" moment. Thats what everyone wanted from Randy Orton becoming champion and it didn't happen after all that build up and destruction from Randy Orton we just saw it fizzle out. 

The night after Night of Champions wasn't such a big deal like the Smackdown after Hardy won , it was pretty mediocre if you ask me and it was as bad or maybe even worse than the 900 episode of Raw. I know I will might or actually get lot of hate for asking this but was putting the Title on Randy Orton right now good or bad?

I myself am not sure if it was too soon or too late but only time will tell how the latest reign of "The Viper" turns out. In my own opinion I think this was a very bad time to make Orton champion because the return of Triple H will signal the long-awaited 14th title reign of "The Game" he should have become WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 27 by beating Cena and ushering a new era, the Randy Orton era. again this is just my opinion and maybe I'm right or maybe I'm wrong.


So in your opinion what do you think too soon or to late?