UFC Future: Five Possible Fights For Seven Winners at UFC 119

Joshua BoykenContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

UFC Future: Five Possible Fights For Seven Winners at UFC 119

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    UFC 119 is over, and to be honest, many are upset. Not only was the card not as stacked with known fighters as previous UFC cards, but the fights did not even live up to expectations.

    With all that said, a lot was proved and many more fights are possible. If you are late to learning who won the fights, Mir, Bader, Sherk, Lytle, Guillard, Mitrione, and Dolloway, were all victorious.

    I will now create five fights for these fighters' next match-ups.

Matt Mitrione

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    "Meathead" came out against Beltran with something to prove and he improved his movement tremendously en route to a decision victory. Matt is definitely a dark horse in this division so I say we step him up in competition.

    5. Frank Mir - It seems like Frank is a lot higher ranked heavyweight, but like I said let's step Matt up.

    4. Winner of Schaub/Gonzaga - The winner of this fight might, in some people's opinion move into the top seven or so heavyweights in the UFC. Might be a good test for Mitrione to go against, and could give him some time to recover from his fight against Beltran.

    3. Roy Nelson - Roy was looking very well until he as beaten by Dos Santos. If he could jump back in there and take on his fellow UItimate Fighter mate and win he could jump back into talk for some big fights. A very neat fight from both sides could make for a entertaining fight as well.

    2. Loser of Schaub/Gonzaga - I would like to see "Meathead" against both Schaub and Gonzaga. Both fights seem to be stand-up battles and could be very exciting. He might want to fight the winner just so he could move up the ladder faster, but this could truly prove that he is here to stay for a while.

    1. Ben Rothwell - He won his last fight over Yvel, proving that he is still relevant. This could be a huge win for Matt, or prove that this crafty old veteran can still compete with some of the best.

C.B. Dolloway

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    Dolloway pulled off one of the neatest guillotines I've seen in a long time. C.B. is not yet on his way to a title shot, but is one big fight away from being mentioned.

    5. Alan Belcher - If you look at this man and the following four, you can tell that I want them to step C.B. up. He has won his last three and a fight against the very talented Alan Belcher could prove his irrelevance or possible contendership.

    4. Wanderlei Silva - Silva's problems with cutting weight could be proven if he falls to Dolloway. This fight could also be an easy fight for Silva to get used to the cut, so this is more of a good fight for Silva then Dolloway. Although, with C.B.'s wrestling it could be interesting.

    3. Dan Miller - Wrestler vs. wrestler. Although both fighters have gone opposite ways, C.B. has had the easier competition and wins, while Dan has fought the best and fell short three of his last four fights. This could bring out the best in both and could be an interesting match-up.

    2. Yoshihiro Akiyama - Akiyama struggled against Belcher, then was defeated by Leben. If he goes in there against Dolloway, we might have the chance to see how great "Sexiyama" actually is.

    1. Rousimar Palhares - This fight looks weird and that's why it is the best fight for C.B. Palhares is a big dude and is still at the top of the ladder, despite his loss to Marquardt. This fight gives Dolloway a different look into the MMA world, and will be a good challenge for him if he wants to move onto the top five in the division.

Melvin Guillard

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    Guillard seemed to create a boring boxing match against the aggressive Stephens, which was least expected by most MMA fans. However, he pulled off the victory over a tough Stephens kid. I love the lightweight division as there are so many options.

    5. Sean Sherk - This would be a great fight, although the only problem is I think that Sherk is looking for bigger and better things.

    4. Kenny Florian - Guillard wants that title fast, and this is a fast way to get to it. Florian lost to Maynard last, but that takes nothing away from his accomplishments and skills in the game. This would be a very tough fight for Guillard.

    3. Evan Dunham - Dunham is still a hot prospect and would give Guillard a very tough fight on the feet and everywhere else he wants to go.

    2. Gleison Tibau - If they are trying to just keep him busy while they are getting rid of some of the lightweight contenders this is a good fight for it. Tibau lost his last fight, and is still good enough to push Guillard and give him a test.

    1. Takanori Gomi - Quite simply if he wants to fight this man, let him...

Sean Sherk

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    Sean Sherk, having been a champion once before, might have a faster track to a title shot.

    Sherk was reigning lightweight champion and was stripped due to testing positive for a banned substance. He came back and lost brutally to BJ Penn.

    Since the loss he has won two of three, with the lone loss coming to reigning champion, Frankie Edgar. Sherk defeats hot prospect Evan Dunham and he is back in the mix.

    5. Jim Miller - Jim has won five fights in a row and a fight against Sherk would push both fighters in a direction for a title shot. This fight could make for a boring one, due to the strong wrestling base of Sherk and Miller.

    4. Kenny Florian II - A rematch would make for a good fight, and could help Kenny get back to yet another title shot.

    3. Winner of George Sotiropoulos/Joe Lauzon - Whoever wins this fight is up in the top three or so fighters in this division. I'd say that the winner probably will be looking for a title, but Sherk would be a good test to see what they got.

    2. Cole Miller - Another huge prospect that he may be able to disappoint. It could also give Cole a huge win, making him relevant in the lightweight title picture.

    1. Clay Guida - This is simply a stunning fight to think about. This is one of those fights with guaranteed action, and for once this fight makes tons of sense.

Chris Lytle

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    This man dominated Matt Serra for three straight rounds. Lytle looked very good on his feet, but was not tested elsewhere. Lytle might be hoping for a title shot in one or two of his fights, but there are a few fights he might want to take to first test his skills.

    5. Winner of Rick Story/Johny Hendricks - Both of these fighters pose different threats, with Story being a strong wrestler and Hendricks having a nice stand-up game. Personally, Hendricks seems like a better fight for Lytle than Story.

    4. Winner of Paulo Thiago/Diego Sanchez - Two well-rounded fighters with good stand up. Both pose a nice test against Lytle to see if he still has anything left in the tank at 36-years-old.

    3. Thiago Alves II - Lytle wants it, but I don't see it actualizing at this moment. Alves is scheduled to fight John Howard at UFC 124, but whether he wins or loses this fight would be intriguing to the fans.

    2. Amir Sadollah - He also is scheduled to fight Peter Sobotta, but I am going to go out on a limb and assume that he wins the fight. This would be a good test for Sadollah to show us that he still can compete against people in the UFC. For Lytle, it would just be a fun fight for him to put on. 

    1. Dong Hyun Kim - Kim is a different test for Lytle. Dong Hyun Kim is physically very strong and may be able to control Lytle on the ground and up against the fence. This would be a good coming out party for Kim or a good statement fight for Lytle.

Ryan Bader

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    He definitely needs to work on his stand up, but his takedowns and control are looking pretty good at the moment. Bader is a very strong fighter and can take most fighters down at-will. There are tons of options for Bader, including a title shot in one or two more fights.

    5. Winner of "Rampage"/Lyoto Machida - This would be a tough fight for Bader, but would prove if he could really make it as a champion in the division.

    4. Randy Couture - Couture needs a fight against a top fighter, unlike Vera, Toney, and Coleman. Couture would definently need to prove if he is even still relevant in a title picture.

    3. Forrest Griffin - To me this is the fight Bader should go for. This fight seems to be the easiest in the forecast, because Griffin has never proven his knockout power nor submission game in the UFC. Bader could take him down and control him from on top and pull off a big win.

    2. Rich Franklin - Franklin, like Couture, is looking for another run at the title and this would be a good start. Franklin could be a threat on his feet and try to avoid takedowns to perhaps pull off somewhat of an upset. If Bader wins, it would be a huge win for him over a big-name opponent.

    1. Jon Jones - Both of these fighters have been taking out the rest of the pack with there strong wrestling bases. This fight is the one that so many people want to see, because these two prospects will go at it. I say expect this fight in the near future.

Frank Mir

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    He pulled off a nice knockout, but struggled to prove that his wrestling had improved. Mir is a tremendous stand up fighter and has some incredible jiu jitsu, but he cannot win a title if he can't pull off some kind of wrestling game.

    5. Matt Mitrione - Matt is a big prospect now and if he could take out Frank Mir he could enter into some of the best in the game. This could also be a fight that Mir could use as a tune-up to bigger fights in the future.

    4. Loser of Cain Velasquez/Brock Lesnar - Obviously, Mir would die for another chance to take out Brock, so if Cain can pull it off this fight comes up again. If Cain loses, then a fight against Cain could be interesting to see as well. 

    3. Junior Dos Santos - If they plan on screwing Dos Santos out, this is the time to do it. Dos Santos is waiting for title shot, so give him another reason to get to it. This would be quite a test for Dos Santos with the decent stand up game and great ground game of Frank Mir.

    2. Roy Nelson - Nelson losing his last fight needs a win to get back to where he needs to be. Frank Mir needs a win over some kind of name opponent. The heavyweight division somewhat lacks credible competition so Mir could prove his dominance or he could be upset and defeated.

    1. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria - This fight was already chosen, so I think we should expect this to be announced sometime soon.


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