Anthony Pettis and The Top 10 Fighters That Could Do Reality TV

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2010

Anthony Pettis and The Top 10 Fighters That Could Do Reality TV

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    Think MMA is all work and no play?

    Think again, dude.

    If it was all serious, then how do guys like Chris Leben and Junie Browning wind up with a stint in the UFC?

    You see fighters like that, shows like The Ultimate Fighter, and you think "Damn, how come these guys don't have their own reality show away from TUF?"

    Well, no reason why some of these guys can't get their own show or stint on Reality TV.

    Hell, if you have MTV, filmmaker Andrew Jenks will be having Anthony "Showtime" Pettis on his show "World of Jenks" this Monday.

    So who besides Pettis should do Reality TV?

    Let's check out the options here.

Joe Warren

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    He's young, he's gritty, he's Bellator's Featherweight Champion.... and he'll fight your bodyguard's bodyguard! He's Joe Warren!

    That's right, I said it. I think a scrawny little dude that loves to get into fights is the formula to some successful reality-TV.

    Kinda like "Shaq VS...." goes, you'd give Warren a forum to fight whoever he wanted: Hong Man Choi, Brock Lesnar, Cro Cop, Frank Mir...

    Hell dude, you could give him Jose Canseco for crying out loud, but the point would be to put scrawny Warren in the cage with some Heavyweight type of guys -- celebs and actual fighters if possibly -- and see how the hell he'd do.

    Or stick him on Pros vs. Joes. He could rough up a few Joes sometime during the season.

    I'm not sure what, but I think there's just something about him that people might enjoy, aside from the fact that he's a Featherweight picking fights with guys well over 100 pounds over what he fights at.

    Maybe he could play the role of the little guy who "got acquainted" with the inside of a locker back in high school. Who knows?

    If nothing else, at least it could give exposure to the sport (and probably Bellator).

Alistair Overeem

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    Imagine you're watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and some poor soul is having their house worked on, and of course not every house is perfect over time anyway.

    So they usually have a thing where they bring in someone famous to help out with the reconstruction of the house, but to reconstruct you need to do some tearing down.

    You need someone to deconstruct -- not necessarily destroy or demolish -- the house.

    That's when you bring in Alistair Overeem and you ask him to carry his wooden hammer.

    Could you imagine someone known as "The Demolition Man" on a show in whichyou literally do have to take apart a house before putting it together?

    Well hey, if you've got a nickname like that, you also need to know how to put things together.

    It's not like Alistair wings fights, after all. Even he has to put plans together.

Jason Miller

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    How do you NOT have a talk about this stuff without mentioning Mayhem?

    Yeah the guy occasionally does HDNet Fights and Bully Beatdown, but what other TV series could hold the mayhem if Mayhem?

    My first guess would have actually been The Real World. That was actually my guess for most everyone I came up with before I sorted things out, but if Mayhem needs an appearance on a reality TV show, The Real World would be my first choice to put him on to.

    Or you could give him his own show, but would you really be able to handle the insanity of something called "The Mayhem Miller Show"?

Tom Lawlor

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    Imagine Tom Lawlor doing reality TV... Hmmm...

    Tom Lawlor is one of those guys who should have his own reality show, period.

    The only problem I see is finding a show that suits this crazy SOB with a MILLION personalities.

    I mean, one minute it's the Hulkster, the next it's Harold Howard,  then it's Apollo Creed and Dan Severn... Damnit Lawlor, if you're reading this, CONSIDER MUHAMMAD ALI for UFC 121!!

    It HAS to happen, with the haircut, calling himself "pretty", using poetry to define the skills that he has, calling Patrick Cote a "fluffy, hairball-spitting kitten-cat" in allusion to the fighters that Ali called big, ugly bears, and so forth...

    It's HAS to happen!

    Give him a time on ESPN to do it, or if you want to show off the impressions and so forth, let's put him on an installment of those "Love" shows on VH1 -- like "Flavor of Love" and "Rock of Love". .

    You know, like "Filthy Love" or "Identity of Love" for Lawlor... something that alluded to Lawlor being a wild looney throughout the entire season although also showing a softer side to the women.

    The only thing that could make the series into a drama?

    If we found out during the season that Lawlor really did have a wife.

Charles Bennett

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    Krazy Horse has had a rough past dating back to 2000, but he's something of a changed man ever since those days, so I see him on a different path than what you'd expect.

    If he couldn't get a show of his own to have as a forum for his own craziness and wild ramblings, he'd be perfect for A&E's Inervention as the guy they bring in to help a Cocaine dealer turn his life around.

    Hey, no one is going to tell me that Krazy Horse can't change someone's life for the better!

    If Kimbo Slice can fight for the UFC, anything can happen.

Rampage Jackson

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    Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a character, plain and simple, but in terms of reality TV, what could he do?

    My two options as I see it: he ends up leaving MMA after his UFC 123 bout with long-overdue opponent Lyoto Machida and joins the Memphis Police Department, eventually getting the Department to release permission to the producers of COPS -- complete with a warning that "There's gon' be some black-on-black crime!".

    That's one option.

    The other option?

    An associate of Cesar Milan on The Dog Whisperer, using his howl to show that he too is a big dog in the house before Cesar does his magic.

    Think of the ratings if Quinton did any of those things! Those two series could be the two most watched shows in the world if he could do that just because of the star power he's gotten already from the UFC and from The A-Team.

King Mo

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    Lawal on a Reality TV show?

    Why not? The guy may not have a family, but wouldn't you like to see what a day in the life of King Mo is like?

    I certainly would.

    It may be more serious than what we'd all like to believe, but if it ever did happen, I'd like for it to be called "It's good to be The King".

    Of course if you don't give the guy his own show, you could wait until his Strikeforce contract expires and pray that he winds up on The Ultimate Fighter.

    A slim shot, but a shot nonetheless.

Nick Diaz

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    Don't be sared, homie. I wanna help you get MADE.

    One word: MADE.

    That's the show I see Nick Diaz on if he does Reality TV.

    He'll be training somebody, helping them to get them in MMA, and all throughout he'll be motivating them until they get too scared that they won't be able to handle the pressure, at which point Nick says, "Nah, don't be scared, homie!"

    Thus, MTV's Made is resurrected.

    As long as Mayhem doesn't wind up on the same show, he'll be good.

Chris Leben

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    Could Bas Rutten do Reality TV?

    Not unless he was some dude's bodyguard.

    Chris Leben on the hand would be perfect for reality TV.

    He was a wild guy on TUF 1 and always getting into different kinds of trouble with some members of the cast from the onset.

    Could you see him raising hell on some other reality-TV show, maybe like a future season of The Surreal Life or an episode of Wildboyz (if it ever came back on the air for another season)?

    I wouls put anything past one of the two original bad boys of TUF.

Johnyy Hendricks

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    Do you really have to ask why "Lil' Arlovski" would even be considered for Reality-TV? Look at the guy's face!

    Think about it: you're an undefeated prospect at Welterweight -- the man that many think might beat the pound-for-pound king of the sport if his current contender doesn't do it in the champ's hometown, and you look like a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, only 95 pounds lighter.

    What is the UFC brass going to have to do with you to get the brand's name out there for fans who aren't already into the sport of MMA?

    Simple: You put him on something involving a "house of horrors" of sorts -- might I suggest Scare Tactics on Syfy?

    For those who don't know the show, it's like "Punk'd" meet a hidden-camera prank show involving a bunch of creepy stuff going on.

    So supposing the guys behind it think of a prank for a Halloween special of Scare Tactics where someone gets sold a house in the mid-afternoon, they enjoy it until the night, and then the nighttime sees some freaky-yet-cliche Halloween-type stuff happen around the house -- including Hendricks coming out of a closet with fangs and whatever else.

    I won't ever claim to have anything resembling a "good" show idea, but I say anything that shows off how scary Hendricks can be sounds like reality-TV gold.