5 Wrestlers WWE Doesn't Allow To Use Their Talent

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 24, 2010

5 Wrestlers WWE Doesn't Allow To Use Their Talent

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    Do you see that picture people, do you know who the man in that picture is, that man is the Chairman of WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Many consider him the greatest wrestling mind in history some few might say that he is plainly just an opportunist.

    I say that he is a little of bit of both.

    He has given the spotlight to some of the greatest stars and but this is a list of people he has shunned and the people who have deserved more than others, so now see the top 5 people who WWE doesn't allow to use their talent...

    Here's No. 5...

5. John Morrison

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    If this comes as a surprise to you then where have you been for the last 2 years, this guy has more talent in his pinkie than 95% of the locker room has in there entire body.

    There is a reason many IWC people call him the next Shawn Michaels but for that to happen he needs to turn heel because first he works better as a heel and his character was made for a heel.

    Secondly, he is much better as a heel than a face, and his mic work is million times stronger than his mic skills as a face.

    John Morrison will hopefully join the main event scene and will get out of the shuffle of that he is on Raw. But wait, he is just the beginning.

    Welcome No. 4.....

4. Christian

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    Ever since Christian has come back to the WWE he has thrown to the C-Show of the WWE the now defunct ECW, and he actually made people tune in to it.

    But that wasn't enough he came to Raw and then jobbed to "Mr Mayonnaise" Sheamus who hasn't done even one third of what Christian has done and was awarded the title because of one Hunter Hearst Helmsley because Sheamus was his Workout buddy.

    Christian deserves better than to be put in a feud than Alberto Del Rio who will never get the heat of JBL.

    Christian should have been in the title picture since his move to Smackdown and should be the World Champion right now.

    But that's just what everyone wants, but Vince ain't gonna listen to us.

    But moving on, here is No. 3...

3. Matt Hardy

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    Do you all remember 2005 when Matt Hardy was in the hottest angle of the decade (yes everybody, bigger than 8 rookies beating up John Cena then calling themselves the Nexus).

    He was the biggest commodity on Raw and he was the best thing going for the entire WWE.

    But now he is on the verge of being released because he is what, telling the TRUTH! He should have been champion a long time ago, but the WWE creative team screwed that up.

    Hopefully we will see Matt Hardy as World Champion, but that's just all of us. Only Matt Hardy knows where he is heading, but to continue this list, here is No. 2....

Number 2. Santino Marella

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    Santino Marella is a very interesting case.

    He has everything to be the next Rock because of his mic skills and great wrestling and be the pride of Italy in WWE, but he has been made to be the Santino you all know in this picture.

    Santino is a great wrestler who if could be completely repackaged in the ring and come back.

    He could still be the comical Santino we know but a competitor who is taken seriously, but moving on to No. 1 on this list....

1. Goldust

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    Dustin Rhodes is the most misused superstar in history, he had the bloodline in his father being the American Dream Dusty Rhodes but McMahon thought it would be fun to make a man with all the talent in the world and give him a homosexual gimmick.

    He is a great superstar but now is a trainer/jobber for up and coming superstars. He could have been the World Champion but because of the gimmick that was given to him he was never taken seriously, even Bret Hart has said that Dustin Rhodes is the complete opposite of his gimmick and is very misused by management.

    He had and has more talent than his younger brother Cody and like I said will go down as the most misused talent in history.

    Hopefully "The Bizarre One" will go into the HOF because of his age and gimmick I don't see him becoming champion.


    Now who do you think which Superstar who WWE didn't or doesn't allow to use their Talent?