Everybody Hates Wall: Most Common Excuses To Hate John Wall

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

Everybody Hates Wall: Most Common Excuses To Hate John Wall

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    With the media around you 24/7 and people dissecting your summer league performances, being the No. 1 overall draft pick in the NBA is stressful.

    One thing that definitely comes with being the No. 1 overall pick is haters.

    There has got to be more negativity directed at John Wall than any other player I have ever seen in the NBA, people hate on him for EVERY little thing.

    I'm about to breakdown the most commonly used reasons haters use to put down John Wall.

    Haters, get ready...

5. He Dances Too Much

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    When John Wall tries to have fun, people start to get angry for some reason. Personally, I think people should get mad at someone who dances while on the bench (cough, cough...LeBron).

4. Too Much Hype

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    I have yet to understand why people get mad at Wall for his own hype.

    John Wall has no control over who hypes him up, or how much they do so. From the shoe deal to the summer league, Wall has been put down because he is "overrated."

3. Him and Gilbert Won't Work

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    Gilbert Arenas is a shooting guard at heart. He is a scorer more so than he is a passer.  

    On the other hand, John Wall loves his assists, which means his game should mesh real well with Gilbert's game.  

    When Gilbert is playing shooting guard he gets a lot of easy buckets and he doesn't have to create for himself as much, as show in the video I provided against Lebron.

2. Turnovers and Jump Shot

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    One of the main criticisms haters try and throw out there as evidence against Wall comes from his play in the Summer League.  

    Summer League is for rookies to get adjusted to the NBA game. It can be a learning experience for some. I know John Wall had plenty of turnovers in the first two games of the Summer League, but he cleaned it up pretty well if I do say so myself.

    The jump shot is inconsistent, but that will come in time and I'm pretty sure Derrick Rose didn't hit every jump shot his rookie year either.  

    Even Rajon Rando, one of the best point guards in the playoffs last year, struggled with his jump shot and even struggles with free throws.

    Is this a problem for Wall?

    Right now, yes. But he will improve and I expect that start at the beginning of the season.

1. He Isn't Better Than Derrick Rose

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    In order to have a fair debate, you have to compare them both when they were coming out of college. Derrick Rose has two years under his belt, so of course he is better than Wall right now.


    Better shooter

    Better Leader

    Better Passer

    Fastest Top Speed

    More of a pure PG


    Better scorer

    More Athletic

    Better IQ

    I don't think Wall is better...just more suited for the PG position.  He is more of a "pure" PG. In my opinion.