WWE's John Cena Finally Turning Heel? Looks Highly Likely

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 24, 2010

If you ask a random person on the street who John Cena is, they will likely tell you he is a wrestler. Did they see him on TV wrestling? Maybe not. But because of his pop culture impact, he is one of the most famous Pro-Wrestlers to ever live.

You can try but no one can dispute that claim.

Is he the best ever? That's surely up for debate. But when you're able to ask any person on the street who can tell you who you are, that is huge for your company. Cena is one of the main reasons the WWE is as big as it is today.

Now, there are fans out there that will boo him until the day he dies. Others just know that his character is what needs a boost. If that is done, well, Cena will go up in their eyes.

How could this be done? The biggest and most popular way in fans' eyes would be turning Cena heel. While he does have a nice pop culture following. He has become the face of the WWE. Along with the massive popularity from women and children, his character would do quite well if it were heel.

Being bad does have it's advantages. Some of the most popular faces of all time have turned heel and shocked the world.


When people saw Bret Hart turn heel, it got over real well. It's the same with Sting. The most popular heel turn has to be Hulk Hogan when he joined the NWO. The ultimate baby face was now a diabolical heel!

If John Cena were to go heel,  he'd obviously go down as one of the biggest heel turns in history.

Some may disagree, but who would see the Cena heel turn coming? And I could easily tell you many fans would be happy to see him heel.

Heck, he may even kill off the signature move set that many hate. Cena can wrestle, he showed that last week. That dropkick he did, which I've never seen from Cena on WWE TV, wasn't half bad. He has a great strong style type of wrestling ability that would do well anywhere.

If it weren't for the WWE holding his move set back, he could show how great a wrestling talent he was. It's a possibility he would do that as a heel because he wouldn't pander to fans.

Then you add in the edge that Cena needs, and boom, you have a character a ton of people could like. The heel turn would do wonders, it may hurt the kid fans out there, but there are other baby faces they can look up too. But, even Hogan had a ton of kid fans as a heel. So, a Cena heel turn won't hurt.


Some are asking though, will a Cena heel turn really happen? Well, it actually looks as likely now as ever. With Nexus being a very successful faction that needs a strong man with the loss of Sheffield.Plus the fact the WWE hears what fans are saying, Cena could very well lose at Hell in a Cell to Wade Barrett and become a member of Nexus.

This wouldn't automatically turn him heel, but it's possible that this could be the start of it. With Randy Orton, and other young stars coming up who could be the face of the WWE, Cena's time as THE guy may be over. Which means he doesn't have to be a face any longer.

Many within the WWE say that his baby face time has run it's course. There's always a time to turn someone to who is a face. And it's time for Cena. With that said, the WWE is obviously talking about turning Cena heel at the right time.

Orton however, said he is upset with his face run. He feels he is a natural heel and would like to be that once again. But people like Jericho, Triple H, and others like being heels yet did many face runs. Triple H was also the top guy at one time yet went heel numerous times. The same goes for The Rock and Steve Austin.

Cena has been heel before. He just needs to go back to that to refresh his character. Then another face run could happen. Orton will eventually get over his feelings about having to be heel to be happy. Especially when he is seen as THE man as the top face in the WWE.

But what do you think?

Also, would turning Cena heel make you like him more?