Just a Thought: Shouldn't Layla Be WWE's Unified Divas Champion?

Renee GerberCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

Layla with other divas in celebration, photo copyright to WWE.com
Layla with other divas in celebration, photo copyright to WWE.com

Over the past few days, I've been thinking back and reflecting on the events following WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view.

The more I think about it, the more it bothers, frustrates, and angers me.

Obviously, by now, everyone reading this already knows where I stand on the topic of Michelle McCool. I've made my feelings about her known loud and clear, here.

I still see absolutely no logic in her having been the member of LayCool to face Melina for the Unification Divas Championship lumberjill match. That is, other than the obvious.

By all accounts, considering the fact that Layla was the rightful and legal Women's champion, she should have been the one to compete at the pay-per-view. I think everyone acknowledges this, and hopefully everyone agrees, even the McCool marks that are smattered over the IWC.

However, what is troubling me even more than Michelle McCool once again gaining the opportunity to claim she has "made history" is the fact that Layla, and Layla alone, should now be the Unified Divas champion.

Think about it this way: Layla was the Women's champion going into Night of Champions. Michelle was not. She had merely been masquerading around as a "co-champion" and infringing upon her partner's title reign. All logic and reason screams that, in spite of the fact that McCool competed against then-Divas champion Melina and ended up winning the match, it should have been Layla who reaped the rewards.

I have yet to glimpse spoilers for tonight's SmackDown!, but the way I see it, general manager Teddy Long should approach LayCool, either backstage or while they're in the ring, and remind Michelle of the fact that since she was not a champion when she defeated Melina at Night of Champions, she is NOT the Unified Divas champion.

After that announcement, and while McCool's jaw is hanging slack with shock, Long should further inform her that her efforts were merely done as a favor for Layla, because she was indeed the Women's champion, and the whole point was to unify the two titles.

I would really love to see the above scenario take place. It would make complete sense and set up a split and very probable feud between McCool and Layla.

In addition, it's very plausible to imagine Teddy Long making such an announcement since he already made LayCool relinquish one of the dual Women's Championship belts they were sporting a couple of months back.

Do I see this happening, though? Not really, and I'm sure everyone reading this already knows why. I don't have to spell it out, but I'll leave you with just two words as food for thought: backstage politics.

It's really a shame. Layla is actually an incredible talent who has polished her in-ring skills and is quite good on the mic. She has a lot of charisma, and she far outweighs her partner in that regard.

I only hope she will be treated properly and allowed at least one decent reign as champion in her career. After what's she's gone through in the WWE in the past year, she definitely deserves it.