Stanford Cannot Defeat Notre Dame, But Notre Dame Can Still Lose

Michael McCormickContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 11: Kapron Lewis-Moore #89 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish looks to bench for instructions against the Michigan Wolverines at Notre Dame Stadium on September 11, 2010 in South Bend, Indiana. Michigan defeated Notre Dame 28-24. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There is no reason why Notre Dame cannot defeat Stanford. Yes I realize that the Stanford quarterback is a great player. Yes I have seen all of the good statistics for Stanford and the bad ones for Notre Dame. I am not some insane optimist. My reasoning is simple. Notre Dame so far this year has made serious errors all of their games this year. Notre Dame was able to over come the errors in the first game, but not the last two.

Notre Dame has had some of the worst luck imaginable this year. Their starting quarter back goes down in the second possession of the game with Michigan. Their defender slips against the fake field goal and they give up the winning touchdown. Coach Kelly is correct in saying that these are just excuses. Notre Dame simply needs to eliminate these errors to win.

People need to remember that Notre Dame has a dynamic passing attack. I do not see that Stanford has faced anything near this attack this year. I do not remember Standford shutting down Notre Dame last year either. It was just the Notre Dame defense decided to quit a quarter early last year that allowed Stanford to win. I must mention that it is important to note that Stanford did not give up at all last year.

It is not truly possible to know which Notre Dame defense is going to show up tomorrow. I hope for the one that shuts down the Stanford attack. I also hope for Notre Dame not to make the same errors as they did in the last two games. Remember that Notre Dame can spread out the field with several fast receivers. It is also important to remember that Notre Dame has the speed to hurt a team in the running game as well. I see this game coming down to either Notre Dame not hurting itself or committing some error it cannot overcome. I do not see how Stanford can come and dictate the game to Notre Dame. I can see Notre Dame dictating the game to Stanford. I can also see Notre Dame self exploding again. I will hope for the former and Notre Dame wining the game 38 to 35.