Dear Chicago Bears Nation: One Packers Fan's Apology

Mike CraigCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2010

Charles Tillman and Donald Driver shaking hands after the Chicago Bears' 20-17 win over the Green Bay Packers
Charles Tillman and Donald Driver shaking hands after the Chicago Bears' 20-17 win over the Green Bay PackersJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Monday night's showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears was anything but exciting to watch for either team. Especially if you were a Packer's fan.

Not because Green Bay lost, but because of 17 penalties, two of which could have possibly cost the Packers the game.

If Monday night showed us anything, it is that both teams will be fighting for the NFC North title and that the Minnesota Vikings will be lucky to get a wild card. It also showed us that even though Jay Cutler made a lot of mistakes, when it counted, he was able to march down the field and get the job done.

However, both teams played well, and even with 17 penalties, the game was only won by a field goal. What does that tell us? It tells us that possibly two of the top teams in the NFC still need some work.

Green Bay needs to fix their penalties and their special teams, while the Bears need to be able to stop their opponent a lot better. In Chicago's defense, the score was 10-0, and the rallied back to make it 14-10 and ultimately tied the game up and then kicked a game-winning field goal.

I, as a Packers fan, will admit I was wrong about the Bears. However, I was not wrong about Jay Cutler. If it were not for two penalties on which he threw an interception on it both times, this game would have probably went the other way.

After two stellar games, Cutler showed that the old Cutler is still in there somewhere. However, everyone should cut him some slack. After all, he was playing the greedy defense of the Green Bay Packers, and lets face it, no one intercepts the ball as much as the Packers do.

With all of these thoughts coming out, this is a Green Bay Packers fan's sincere apology to the Bears Nation. I'm sorry I doubted your team and I promise you it'll never happen again. I'd like to warn you, though, I can promise you Dom Capers and the Packers D will make sure they don't misjudge you again, as well.