Christian: Why the Captain's Recent Injury Is Actually Good Thing for Smackdown

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2010

As we all have heard by now Christian is going to be out for a while now.

Now everybody else sees this as a bad thing, but I see this as an opportunity.

Don't get me wrong, having Christian out of the ring for a long period of time completely sucks, and I almost want to stop watching Smackdown altogether because of it, but other than that, it could be beneficial.

Before this injury, there was a chance for a good push for both Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Since WWE was so high on Del Rio, they simply made Christian a stepping-stone for Del Rio and nothing more.

Maybe that was Vince's way of getting back at Christian for crossing over to TNA. The point is he was a mid-carder on paper but a main-eventer in life and was simply not being used properly.

This injury could not have come at a better time. Now he is no longer a "stone" for Del Rio and has time off to heal up.

By the time he comes back, a lot of things could be different. I personally hope by that time Del Rio is the champ.

If Christian could time his return to that point, it would simply be epic, and he could finally get into main events, pending he has healed and still can.

This is also good because of the move to SyFy. When Smackdown switches to the new network then chances are a few big-name stars from Raw will move to Smackdown.

When this happens I could see the cards being switched around and the people that were where Christian used to be may be pushed down further or onto WWE Superstars.

By being gone he avoids this altogether and can come back at a better time when it all is settled down.

So while he is out, it will suck, but at least we know Captain Carisma will come back healthier, and if done at the right time, better than ever.