It's Time To Kick This Feud In To Full Gear- Kane and Undertaker Have Company

james nottelingContributor ISeptember 24, 2010

Hello Bleachers,

Im back and after some convincing by Iam D Real Deal Yo im ready to write an article.

May i mention this has been taken from this fridays taping on 24/9/10 

Kane was cutting a promo on how happy and good it was to defeat the undertaker (which believe me wasn't that spectacular unfortunately) at night of champions to retain his world heavy weight championship and undertakers so called 'holy grail'.

As wwe still plays that card of spooky, lights out unrealistic storyline of kane and undetaker holding this special power that can send them to the ring in a matter of seconds then back in a few seconds. Any way Friday night was the same with kane saying how the devils favorite demon has over come the phenom. His pride has yet again defeated him. Kane then sets a match at hell in a cell to the undertaker in a hiac as most presumed this happening it isn't much of a shock to the IWC.

Kane then summons druids to bring a casket to the ring but here's the interesting part kane goes to open the casket and............PAUL BEARER was inside the casket. Then the lights go out and the undertaker comes to the ring and brawls with kane and for one night undertaker gets the upper hand and to finish off the show the undertaker bows to paul bearer.

Now what does the mean? Is it a replay of 13 years ago where kane wins? Because i believe and the IWC should by now know wwe is reading the work and articles we put up and wwe knows we're the audience and it needs to look out to us and not the little kids. So if kane was to win and shock everyone what would this mean? Undertaker comes back for wm27 to vs kane or is it going to be what everyone predicts undertaker wins kane becomes mid card again and undertaker is champ till he gets in a feud from the new syfy roster?

Now the Bearer side what does bearer have to offer he will be excellent to catch the kiddies( jericho words of describing the IWC the son of a b****) up on the past rivalry the two have had but what else can he offer he can hold the urn to somehow help the undertaker at hiac by reviving his health after a tombstone or probably not because of PG thrown off the cage.

I was researching Paul bearer on wiki and it came to my attention that paul had brought kane out of hiding for his debut in October 1997 on the 5th day while hiac is the 3rd of october a friday where it will mark the 13th year of kane's arrival to the wwe does this mean anything probably not but who knows.

How to end the rivalry well i like the feud but it has to end so here's an idea but one has to be kayfable injured until elimination chamber so probably Undertaker to lose if one has to take time off because although undertaker had ages off he still needs more so as i was saying the rivalry can resume at ww26 where undertaker wins on his return and keeps the streak but in the mean time kane is suffering and paul's laughing at it can undertaker show the mercy he did to hbk at last years ww and help him. So here's the catch paul dosn't want taker to help and holds him off but taker still does then the brothers of destruction reunite put bearer in the casket presuming they have one but for this sort of match i'd think so but back to the point put him in the caket and light it on fire like they did 10 something years ago.

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