Colton Orr , Enforcer or not ! And is that good enough ?

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008


It seems as though Colton Orr isn’t only one of Tom Renneys’ favorites but it appears the young tough guy Seems to be loved by Ranger fans as well .

In my previous article Who Might Be Traded Away By The Rangers ? Those Orr fans expressed their feeling for their so called Enforcer.

So I decided to dig deeper , much deeper to find out if the 26 year old was just that , an Enforcer.

I said in one of my comments Orr had something like 2o fights last year , and won 3 out of that 20 . Well I was close . He had 23 fights and I watched everyone of them .

Before I continue , I want to clear a few things up . It seems some think I don’t like fighting in hockey. Nothing could be more further to the truth . I love fighting and I love guys that can check hard and knock guys out. This is Hockey , The toughest sport there is !

I played a lot of Hockey when I was younger . And nothing thrilled me more then kicking the day lights out of some guy from a rival town and coming back on the ice after I served my penalty , and scoring a goal. Or knocking a guy out with a check . Unfortunately injuries ended my sports playing but the love for the game only grown within me.

So when I see guys like Orr,  I see my self , cause I played almost a similar game then he does .  And when I watch him play I wait with anticipation for that big check or a fight to break out.

But after the lockout the NHL came out with some new rules . The ice was gonna be more open , the game faster , players are gonna have more space to show their stuff . A major change in the NHL. This included getting rid of the Enforcers role .

 Questions a rose on how they would keep up with the more talented , faster players . How would they be able to compete with them . And after the lockout , the enforcer role seemed to be gone. Fighting dropped from 789 to 466 . And yes that is a major decrease .

But it has picked up . Last year there was 901 fights . More then the year before the lockout. 159 in the pre-season 731 in regular season and 11 in the playoffs. And the enforcers role is needed more then ever.

With much bigger players , harder hitters , hockey is getting back to its full aggressive nature and I love it.

But here is the thing . In to days NHL the tough guy has to be more then a fighter . With teams going all out playing four lines , games in general are harder to win, these guys need to be able to put the puck in the net as much as having fighting skills.

Ottawa , Montreal , Detroit , Buffalo , Pittsburgh , Anaheim , Philly , Colorado ,Tampa Bay and Dallas to name a bunch of teams that do have descent 4th lines that do produce goals and toughness .

Maybe it is just me , I don’t know ! Maybe I am stuck in old school . Gretzsky had Mcsorley , Messier had Boukaboom . There was an enforcer on the ice protecting the top players . Maybe that is what is missing . Maybe that is what I am looking for. That defense-men or one winger to be there protecting . And not a guy to come on the ice after our guys get mauled and fights .

Last year was a disgrace . And I don’t care what anyone says . Jagr was man handled for the most part of the season . How many times did you hear Sam Rosen saying Jagr was roughed up and couldn’t find the open ice. Jagr scoreless again .

Some of you may remember Rangers having a 5 - 0 lead playing Montreal . Montreal’s 4th line came on , and pounded the Jagr line , the Drury line , and the Gomez line . Scoring four goals and I remember saying to my self , what the hell is going on . 12 minutes and change into the 3rd period and our 4th line hasn’t seen the ice yet .

Where the hell is Hollweg and Orr . Why are they not at least putting one of these guys on with one of these lines . Or just play the 4th line,  Maybe it was poor coaching which I firmly believe , but what ever the reason was the 4th line wasn’t one the ice .

Finally they come out and skate all over Montreal , no goals though , but created chances . But they were on for a minute and not to be seen again for another 6 -7 minutes. Rangers lose 5-6 .

Our best guys out played and check from one end of the ice to the other and out scored by 4th line players . And lost the game to 4th line players . So I don’t want to hear any one saying what do you expect them to do score 20 goals . How about 1 dam goal . Which would of killed the momentum Montreal had established .

For the year playing 75 games Betts had 2 goals, for the year playing 74 games Orr had one goal , for the year Hollweg playing 70 games had 2 goals . This for the most part was the Rangers 4th line . And they all had descent ice time for the year . Montreal’s 4th line in one game almost scored more goals then they did all year . So when I write they have to start producing or there gonna be traded , its because that is the way it is , the way it should be ! Because that it totaly unacceptable !

If you saw this game then you know what I’m talking about , and maybe now what I am saying makes sense to you. Our 4th line could have either shut them down or maybe slowed them down with a goal. We’ll never know now . But Renney wasn’t gonna play a line he had no confidence in at putting a puck in the net . That is the only thing I can see justifying his decision in that game not to play them.

For those who had major issues with Orr being traded , If I haven’t proved my point , then you are just one of those people that wouldn’t no the truth if it slapped you in the face. And you’re the type of person who wouldn’t admit it when your wrong anyway .

There are some things bout me that you will learn . I try to find as much information as I can on what I am gonna write , and I give these writers that have been doing this for a long time tons of credit because this is very time consuming and very hard work . If I write something and I am wrong , I will search for the answer and I will admit I was wrong or show proof of me being right. .

I love Hockey with all my heart , my opinions and beliefs may not be the same as yours and that is fine with me , we are all entitled to our own . And discussing our differences is something I enjoy doing . And I am a firm believer that some times , we know better then the coaches and gms ... LoL... I will continue to do so .

Well that time has come for me as a  man , to man up , and admit when I was wrong . I watched every fight Orr had and I might not agree with all the opinions on who won the fights , cause I don’t consider when both guys landing one punch and falling to the ice with Orr landing on top as he won . I have Orr’s record for last year as 11 wins , 4 loses with 8 draws . After looking at the videos you get the chance to see the whole fight instead of a part of it when the camera is always on the player with the puck .

So after further investigating this issue I say Orr is a good fighter and I was wrong about that. His attempt to fill that role as an enforcer is a very legit argument .

I still how ever feel that if he doesn’t start scoring goals or at least accumulating some assists he will be traded and I do hope with this new line up he will do just that and make it happen . Cause I do like the guys style of play .

There where times when an enforcers actions helped win a game . I can not say weather any of Orr’s fights helped win any game for the Rangers last year . I would like to think some have , but really I don’t think so . When your top lines are struggling , some one has to step up . Weather it is the 3rd or 4th line , but someone has to . And when the 4th line last year was one the ice we all new , there would be no goals being scored from them . Hoped like crazy that they got lucky . But deep down we all new it wasn’t gonna happen . And the game was lost .

I don’t care if it’s the greatest couch ever or the worst couch . But when a couch says I don’t expect that line to score , to me , what he is saying is that line is useless , get rid of it and get a line you have some expectations of . Other then just fighting . Especially when there are many players out there that can do both .

As much as I like him , players like Orr are a dime a dozen . Anyone can drop the gloves and fight . Avery is 5' 10 " he does it and wins . Ryan Callahan is 5'11 188 lbs he did it . Theo Fleury was 5 ‘ 6 180 lbs , he did it on a regular , 38 year old Shanny did it last year as well and won . I can go on and on with small guys and big guys that fight on regular basis . Difference is they can score goals too . And help the team win . What more do they want, the rules have changed the ice is more open for everyone!!! 4th liners included . Get the puck in the net cause fighting in to days NHL  isn’t good enough .







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