Ten Men That Can Win The 2011 Royal Rumble Match

Elson KakaireContributor IIISeptember 24, 2010

Ten Men That Can Win The 2011 Royal Rumble Match

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    Hi There Bleacher Report, my name is Elson Kakaire and this is my first ever article on here. I wanted to give my predictions on my favourite PPV ever, the Royal Rumble.

    Although there are still a few months to the rumble, it is usually around this time of year that we get a sense of who will be pushed to win the rumble match. If the rumours are true of a unification match for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship then the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble could be as important as when Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble to win the WWE Championship. I am therefore assuming that this year’s winner will be in the main event competing in the unification bout regardless if it’s a triple-threat, fatal-four-way or whatever kind of match WWE decides to go with.

    Now the people that I have chosen to be on this list have been chosen to assume that they can and will go on to headline WrestleMania to compete in the main event.These are my opinions but of course everyone is allowed to have their say. Before I begin I want to say that I am going to leave out The Miz Randy Orton and Kane as two of them are currently champions at the time of writing this and The Miz is the MITB holder so I doubt that he will win the Rumble match if he is still holding it when the rumble comes around.

    So without further Ado...

Number 10: Christian

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    Captain Charisma

    Although he has been wasted since going over to Smackdown, Christian has been seen by many as a World Champion in waiting and his time could come in the very near future. It could be similar to when Chris Jericho won his first world title. He waited his entire career to get one and then two came along in the same night when he became the first undisputed World Champion.

    Should Christian get a similar push to a world title then it will be fully deserved for a man who has held almost every other title there is to hold in the WWE. However this looks highly unlikely as he is currently being used to push younger talent such as Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Juan Bradshaw Layfield AKA Alberto Del Rio. Although should Christian turn heel then anything is possible from here to the rumble.

Number 9: CM Punk

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    If it was based on in ring technique and the ability to get a reaction from a crowd then CM Punk should be higher than number 9 on my list. This is a man who dominated the first third of the Royal Rumble last year before he was eliminated by Triple H. Cm Punk is also a two time MITB winner and has won almost every strap he has gone after since his arrival in the WWE.

    However for one reason or another, WWE doesn’t seem to be very high on CM Punk anymore as he has been losing almost every single feud he has been in, including getting his head shaved by Rey Mysterio and having his “almighty” Straight Edge Society lose to one man, albeit a large man, at Summerslam.

    This could be just the spark he needs to re-ignite his WWE career, by winning potentially the most important Rumble match in years and going on to compete for the chance to be the first Straight Edge Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and proving to the world that he is better than us.

Number 8: Edge

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    Rated R Superstar

    The Rated R superstar has been one of WWE’s go to guy in recent years and he has never let them down. He was the first ever winner of the MITB match and he has never looked back since. Right now Edge is in a bit of a rut with nowhere to go at the moment on RAW. It looks as if Edge is due to return to Smackdown where we could see the rise of the rated R superstar once again as he will no doubt become the main star on Smackdown should he return.

    Edge won last years royal rumble marking a successful comeback from injury and nobody will be surprised if Edge joins an elite list of superstars to win back to back rumble matches and then go on to win the biggest prize possible at Wrestlemania.

Number 7: Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho claims to be the best in the world at what he does and not many people will argue with this statement. Chris Jericho has been to the mountaintop and back on many occasions and the WWE knows that they can rely on him no matter the situation.

    This faith that WWE has in him has been displayed on many occasions including when he won the scramble match a couple years ago and let’s not forget he is the first ever undisputed champion. I’m sure that Jericho will use this fact to somehow get into the match at Mania should he not win the Rumble match.

    Although should he win the Rumble then he would have to be a red hot favourite going into the unification match. Chris Jericho is also due to have some time off so I don’t see a better way of bringing him back to win the rumble match.

Number 6: Wade Barrett

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    The Leader of The Nexus

    Now some people might be questioning how Wade Barrett is number five on my list ahead of established stars such as Edge, Chris Jericho and CM Punk. The reason for this is that WWE has sensed the need to create new stars and Wade Barrett is a star in waiting.

    The winner of Season one NXT, 6 feet 5 inches, 265 pounds, He has the look that Vince loves so much and on top of all of this he is good on the mic. The only thing Wade Barrett doesn’t have is experience but that will come with time.

    With The Nexus due to disband before the year is out, It is clear that Wade Barrett will be going after a World Title and with Sheamus winning a WWE title on the first time of asking, I will not be shocked should Wade Barrett win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event Wrestlemania.

    As he has said many times before, “The Winds of Change is blowing” and Wade Barrett could be a breath of fresh air.

Number 5: Sheamus

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    Celtic Warrior

    For one reason or another Sheamus has not been able to come across as a strong champion. On the other hand when he is chasing a champion he seems near enough unstoppable. Should he get the chance to compete in the next rumble match then it would be his first and I for one would not be surprised if Sheamus was to dominate the rumble and go on to win the undisputed title at Mania.

    Sheamus is a powerhouse, has a devastating move-set and is a two time WWE champion. The only thing holding him back is a credible victory in a championship match. He won his first title when Cena fell through a table and won his second title by stealing a pin after the Nexus interfered.

    Should Sheamus have a strong showing at the Rumble and then go on to win the title in a convincing manner then there will be no more question marks over Sheamus.

Number 4: John Morrison

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    Shaman of Sexy

    There is a logical reason why John Morrison is very high on this list and I will explain why. As of late the WWE seems to be pushing Jomo an awful lot again by having him beat Chris Jericho, looking very strong against the then WWE Champion Sheamus in a losing effort the following week and then to beat Chris Jericho again for the second time in a row. In addition to this, they have also been showcasing John Morrison in cool backstage segments as he is preparing for his matches.

    The only problem John Morrison has at the moment is that his push can’t really take him to a WWE title match as the champion is the top face in Randy Orton. He also can’t go after Daniel Bryans US title as he is another face and the WWE doesn’t really like doing the whole face vs face thing. WWE could turn him heel to feud with these stars but a heel John Morrison would limit his aerial arsenal as heels are not known as being high-flyers who excite the crowd. With this in mind you would have to wonder why the WWE is pushing John Morrison when it looks as if there is no title that he can legitimately go after.

    There are many people who say that Jomo is the next Shawn Michaels and has also had a similar career path as HBK in terms of titles held, which was cleverly pointed out by Justin LaBarr and Josh Isenberg on an episode of CSR.

    With the Royal Rumble just a few months away, there is a very strong chance that he is being pushed to win the rumble match and emulate Shawn Michaels by winning his first World Title at the main event of Wrestlemania.

Number 3: The Undertaker

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    The Deadman

    Now having The Undertaker competing at Wrestlemania is an intriguing prospect in its own right because of the unbeaten streak. Now The Undertaker in a Wrestlemania match for the undisputed title against somebody like Randy Orton could possibly be the most anticipated match since The Rock vs Stone Cold. Should Undertaker win the rumble then the possibilities are endless and the much heralded undefeated streak will be under serious threat.

    However the Undertaker winning the rumble and then winning the main event at Mania would just make his legend even greater and you would then have to think that his streak will never be broken but only time will tell.

Number 2: Triple H

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    The Game

    Remember this guy? 13 time world champion, one time King of the ring , former royal rumble winner, headlined Wrestlemania on countless occasions and last but not least he is the boss’ son-in-law.

    It would be crazy to think Triple H will not be involved in the undisputed title picture somehow and this could be his way in. Rumour has it that he will now be out injured until December, just in time to get rid of that ring rust for the rumble match. He’s done it before, coming back from injury to win the royal rumble match and then going on to win the undisputed title at Wrestlemania.

    I don’t see why history can’t repeat itself and we will see the game reclaim his throne as the king of kings.

Number 1: John Cena

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    The "Champ"

    Pretty much a no brainer here then right?

    John Cena is the number one guy in the WWE bar none and he will most definitely be involved in the world title match at Mania. Right now he is involved with the Nexus angle but that should clear up in time for the Royal Rumble.

    Love him or Hate him I’m sure that most of you, if not all of you can actually see this happening. Most of the older wrestling fans will hate Cena even more while the younger fans will cheer their heads off as they see Cena win yet another World title match at Wrestlemania.

    This would make it six times in the past seven years that this has happened right? Well you can’t say that WWE doesn’t keep us guessing as to what will happen each year.

The End

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    Well those are my predictions for this years rumble. Comments are always welcome.

    Whatever happens I for one can't wait for the Royal Rumble because I think anything could happen and hopefully this years rumble will be the best one that we've seen in years.

    Until next time...