Mickie James signs with TNA. Is the rumour true?

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 23, 2010

Former WWE Diva, Mickie James is making the rounds on the rumour mills again today, as stories that she has signed with TNA are spreading like wildfire around the internet wrestling community.

     This isn’t the first time that this story has popped up, as most have speculated that it was just a matter of time before James “crossed the line” and joined TNA.  Of course Mickie had stated that she had no immediate plans in wrestling, and was going to focus on her Country Music career.  Well, it looks now as though she has changed her mind, or at the very least waited out her no compete clause.  Multiple sites have stated that she is expected to sign today, if she hasn’t already.

     If the story is legitimate, then this can only be a good thing for the ailing Knockouts Division.  As it stands right now, the only thing the women have going for them is the Beautiful People storyline.  Bringing in James will be a much needed boost, especially since Tara seems to have nobody to work with right now, and is just being used as a sort of bodyguard for Madison Rayne.

     This could be the start of a revival for the Knockouts, if things are done right and a few key players can be introduced.  Daffney has been sitting out with an injury lately, and her return would also be good to see.  But I would also like to see TNA bring back Roxxi.  Her departure was unexpected, and confusing.  Having her return, and possibly teaming with Daffney as a Heel team could be very interesting, and would also be a natural feud for the Beautiful People.  And of course as I stated in a previous post, TNA should really consider signing the former NXT rookie, Aloisia.

     But all of this is simply speculation.  The real story is Mickie James joining TNA.  If it is true, and all indications seem to point in that direction, then we could possibly see her making her debut on the live, October 7th episode of Impact.  I for one have been a big fan of James, and would be very happy to see her back in wrestling again.

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