Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb? Did The Eagles Make The Right Decision?

Caleb FishContributor ISeptember 23, 2010

Kevin Kolb
Kevin KolbMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles did not make the right decision. They gave Kevin Kolb a 12 million dollar extension at start of the year. They traded Donovan McNabb, their best quarterback in franchise history to their divisional rivals Washington Redskins. The Eagles named Kolb their "Franchise Quarterback" and  Michael Vick accepted the role as back-up, and having his own package on the field.

The Eagles first game of the 2010 NFL Season was against the Green Bay Packers, and Kolb only threw 10 passes completing 5 of them for 24 yards and no touchdowns. A head coach cannot judge a quarterback after not even one game, in which he suffered a concussion. Andy Reid kept saying to the media that Kolb was their starter. What changed that? Was it because Vick was playing well while Kolb was injured? Or because they were just waiting for something to happen to him because they have wanted Vick to start all along. I just don't get it, they should be starting Kevin Kolb because they gave this team to him and now they can't just give it back because his teammates won't trust him because he was benched.

Michael Vick has played very well, but they named Kolb their quarterback. If anything they should increase Vick's playing time to more plays, but start Kolb and name him your quarterback. All that Kolb needs is a chance, in his last season at Houston he threw 30 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. We all know he can play well, but now that he was benched who knows where his self-confidence is at. 

The right decision in my opinion was to let Kolb heal and then bring him back in as the starting quarterback because he deserves a chance, in the meantime up Vick's playing time to 20-25 plays a game. They could even line him up at wide receiver or at running back and use him that way, just putting him in the game helps, but you can't just take away Kolb's job because he got hurt. I say give him a chance. Please leave comments on what you think the Eagles should do if you want.


Thank you for reading, Caleb J. Fish