Top 25 Greatest Fan Takedowns of All Time (With Video)

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2010

Top 25 Greatest Fan Takedowns of All Time (With Video)

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    The latest moron to run onto the field at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia became the victim of Matt Diaz and the security staff before being picked up from the local Police Precinct by his proud parents.

    What else is new?

    History has provided us with plenty of thrilling episodes involving idiots running on the field looking for their eight minutes of fame.

    Here's a look at the top 25 tackles and bruising punishments handed down to fans throughout the sports world.

No. 25: The "Casual" Takedown

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    Let's start slow and finish strong.

    This particular honey thought it would be fun to run on the field and streak...while wearing a bikini. 

    She was hustled off the field...peacefully.

No. 24: Hockey Ref Tackles Fan

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    This should probably be ranked higher, but after that last slide we want to make sure you stick around.

    It's never a good idea to go on the ice at a hockey game.  Even the refs can inflict pain. 

    The hit happens early in the clip, so pay attention.

No. 23: There's No Break Dancing In Baseball

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    This guy tried to dance his way to fame in Los Angeles, which probably would have been a good idea had he not been smoked.

    The fans yelling in the background of this video is a nice touch...

No. 22: White Sox Fans Show Agility

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    This was a pretty funny chase, showcasing a nice change of direction while the security guards refused to give up.

    The chase goes on for sometime before the young man is cornered.  Don't worry, we'll be coming back to Chicago...

No. 21: Tom Gamboa Gets Attacked, Aid Comes Quickly

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    The father-son team of attackers from Illinois ambushed Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa in one of the most frightening incidents Major League Baseball has ever seen.

    The shirtless idiots were instantly dog-piled by the Royals' players.

    This whole video is pretty interesting, but if you're just in it for the tackles, the incident goes down at about the 1:20 mark.

No. 20: Mike Curtis Brings The Pain

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    Another long, interesting video with some ancient footage, Mike "Matt Dog" Curtis is featured blasting a fan who ran on the field.

    The best quote from Curtis, "If they (his teammates) lined up next to me and did things to hurt my performance, I would have to discipline them."

    The actual incident goes down at around the 2:15 mark, but the entire video is worth a watch.

No. 19: Ref Mark Curtis Pretends He Is a Wrestler

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    Mark Curtis apparently learned a thing or two from watching WWE superstars in action, as evidenced by his demolition of this unruly fan in the ring.

No. 18: Junior Seau Gets Tackled

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    Junior Seau hung around way too long, which could be why this fan ran on the field and tackled him during the final days of his career with the Patriots.

    He was pelted by snowballs while leaving the field.  Serves him right.

No. 17: Yankees Fan Makes a Mad Dash

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    This dude looked plum crazy, and he managed to stretch his eight minutes of fame out a bit longer by eluding security for a good while.

    "Tackle him!  Woooooooooo"

No. 16: Terry Tate Brings The Pain

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    In response to a Nike ad campaign, Reebok launched this ad involving Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.  It was pretty epic to say the least.

    This hit wasn't real, but it deserves to make the list anyway.

No. 15: Padres Fans Run Wild

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    This video is pretty grainy, but the sheer speed of the streakers and the reaction of the fans encouraging them makes it worth watching.

    You really have to admire the security guards for not giving up...or giving these guys "the business" after taking them away.

No. 14: Police Corner Man With Knife

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    This was actually a pretty dangerous scene, but thankfully Police in riot gear were standing by when a fan rushed the pitch toting a knife.

    I guess they wear riot gear for a reason...

No. 13: Twins Bat Boy Does a Good Deed

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    Bat boys normally blend into the framework of baseball games, and they should.  Unless of course, danger strikes and they need to act!

    The Twins bat boy did just that, but not until the dude actually managed to round third base and touch home.

    Hopefully the security at the new Target Field is a bit better than this...

No. 12: Take Me Out of The Stadium

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    There's nothing quite like experiencing Wrigley Field, where the drunken baffoons are always present.  Even on Mother's Day, when this kid ran on the field and caused quite a stir.

    Way to make your mom proud, idiot.

No. 11: Rob Ray and The Sabres Aren't Amused

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    As bad ideas go, this one really is one of the worst.  Even the announcers knew it would not end well, as Ray led the charge with some wicked right hooks.

No. 10: It's a Fiesta!

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    Mexican soccer fans are just as fanatical as anyone, especially this happy guy who ran on the field showing his patriotic love of his national team.

    I wonder how happy he was after he got absolutely smoked by security?

No. 9: Matt Diaz Is Trippin'

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    Matt Diaz's actions spoke louder than his words when a fan invaded his turf in Philadelphia.  He simply sauntered on over, extended his leg, and helped out the embattled security staff.

    The kid wasn't even wearing a Green Man're in Philly, come on man!

No. 8: Drama In Detroit

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    Ahh, Detroit...where everything is lovely.

    As this fan runs from Police, listen to the fans in the stands.

    "Beat 'em with a clubs" is nice, but "shoot' em" pretty much takes the cake.

No. 7: Harvard and Yale Hate Each Other

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    Another classic clip, Harvard's cheerleaders laid the wood on a Yale fan who stole the Harvard flag. 

    The oldest rivalry in college football is clearly alive and well...

No. 6: Red Sox Fan Gets Owned

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    This poor guy goes from being the toast of the town to just plain toast in a split second.

    Now that's a true form tackle.

No. 5: James Harrison Slams Browns Fan

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    Don't run on James Harrison's field.  This guy did, and he clearly paid the price. 

    That would be so scary.

    The passionate Browns fan said he was really drunk and made a horrible decision.  That was pretty obvious...

No. 4: Phillies Fan Gets Tased

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    After this ground-breaking incident of stupidity, Philadelphia Police were no longer allowed on the field.

    What's better, being tackled or jolted with electricity?

No. 3: The Band Is On The Field!

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    We all know the story behind one of the most famous plays in college football history.

    Seeing the trombone player get smoked never gets old, does it?

No. 2: Bengals Fan Steals The Show

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    This was one of the best-timed plays in recent memory, as the crazed fan made it all the way to the field and literally stole the ball from Brett Favre's hands.

    You have to give this guy credit for waiting until the exact right moment to be an idiot.

No. 1: Tie Domi

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    Okay, this is the worst idea ever.

    Tie Domi was sitting in the penalty box when a fan egged him on and then got absolutely pounded.

    It's true, Domi did start the fight...and finish it.

    There's nothing quite like the passion of Philadelphia sports fans, is there?