What's Left To Say?

Daniel ShoptawAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2010

Another aggravating, frustrating, confounding, and yet totally expected loss to Charlie Morton, he of the 1-11 record and high-eight ERA, and the Pirates.  Colby Rasmus had two hits, scored two runs, drove one in.  Daniel Descalso got his first hit and two RBI.  We got to see both Matt Pagnozzi and Bryan Anderson.

And, yet, it was just another mark-it-off-the-calendar game.  Kyle Lohse, who sadly had the most wins by a starter this month, was beat around.  PJ Walters, who continues to look more and more like a AAAA guy, was smashed as well.  Folks, as I said last night on the show, when Mike MacDougal is the best pitcher of the night, you have issues.

The season is to the point where you just hope Albert Pujols's batting average doesn't slide under .300 and that they rest Yadier Molina, since he went back to St. Louis for an examination.  Yadi will be back with the team Friday, which I was a little surprised at.  Perhaps he enjoys playing in Wrigley, but I thought they might just keep him home until the team got back.

Afternoon game today, so you can watch the season premiere of The Office tonight without any hesitation.  Jeff Suppan vs. Brian Burres.  Suppan pitched well last time out, but is still Jeff Suppan.  Burres is a left-handed pitcher with an ERA about 5 that the Cardinals have not seen.  I think we've seen this script before.

I'll try to get the last part of last week's St. Louis trip up this evening and tomorrow, we'll have the September project from the UCB, the Cardinals' Top 7 minor league prospects.  At least it'll be something different!