K-Rod: 10 Reasons Latest Text Stalker Charges Could Ruin Career

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2010

K-Rod: 10 Reasons Latest Text Stalker Charges Could Ruin Career

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    Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez, the Mets’ controversial closer, was back in Criminal Court recently, but this time to face new charges that he sent dozens of text messages to his estranged girlfriend in violation of an order of protection.

    The New York Post printed one of those texts:

    I know this message could get me in trouble again, but I already lost you, my house and my children," Rodriguez wrote. "Daian, I understand that perhaps I made a mistake, the biggest mistake of my life for doing what I did but I love you."

    Though it sounds like a man trying to salvage his relationship, the over 50 texts that he reportedly sent could mean the end of his career.

10. He Is Antagonizing the Assistant District Attorney

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    This isn't a game and maybe K-Rod doesn't realize it, but the ADA is taking this personally.

    According to Yahoo! Sports, Assistant District Attorney Scott Kessler said Rodriguez understood that he wasn't supposed to contact his estranged girlfriend or her family in any way, but did it anyway simply because he felt like it.

9. He Seems To Be Out of Control

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    The incident that got him into this mess—allegedly yanking his girlfriend's father into a tunnel and assaulting him—was out of control, but the fact that he texted her 17 times in one day, without her returning any of them, also shows this as well.

8. Might Have an Abusive Past

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    ADA Kessler also hinted that Rodriguez has been abusive in the past, going on to mention a previous case where K-Rod was accused of assaulting Pena back in Venezuela.

    According to the NY Times, that incident in 2005 in Venezuela left the same girlfriend, Daian Pena, hospitalized.

7. As More Details Come Out, The Case Will Linger

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    Because of Rodriguez's texts will be coming out, the Mets will be dealing with this situation throughout the offseason.

    And as more salacious details come out, the public perception of K-Rod will get worse.

    For instance another one of the texts that he sent to his ex-girlfriend read: "...greed is the first step towards treason.”

    Though it is out of context, it still sounds like an angry man. Another one pointed out that her parents “have what they have” because of him.

6. His Injured Hand

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    To literally add injury to insult, Rodriguez injured his hand during the assault on his girlfriend's father. This opened the door to the Mets being able to get out of paying him while he is on injured reserve.

5. His Mets Contract

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    Another point of contention between the pitcher and his club is the rest of his contract. The Mets have used his legal situation as a reason to not guarantee the rest of what they owe him.

    The team exercised a contractual right to convert the rest of his $37 million, three-year deal to non-guaranteed.

    The Players Union is contesting the action on behalf of Rodriguez.

4. Ability To Be Traded

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    If the Mets aren't able to get out from under his contract but don't want him on the team, it leaves them very few options as not many teams will want a pitcher with unresolved legal issues looming over them.

3. Fan Support

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    Though he apologized to the fans after the incident, he was booed when he made an appearance two days later.

    How will the Mets fans treat him if he is still on the team next season and in spring training?

    How will the New York media?

2. Support of His Teammates

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    Though they came out after the incident and supported him, the Mets players have been dealing with a disappointing season this year and expectations next year.

    If the organization keeps him, how will his teammates feel about answering questions about him next spring training?

    Especially about a teammate's personal life.

1. Possible Jail Time

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    The worst part of these new allegations as far as Rodriguez is concerned is that not only to they give the District Attorney's office written evidence to use against him but the new charges come with more jail time.

    Meaning he was initially only up against one year in jail but with the new charges added on, he could face up to two years in jail if found guilty.

    As that point, the Mets would most likely be off the hook.