WWE's Ultimate Question: Do Wrestlers Do Better As Heels or Faces?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

 I have been thinking a lot about the Night Of Champions and after the great matches of that night it got me to think about something that I had not really thought about at all. Do wrestlers do better as a face than as a heel and vise versa?

 Thinking about this made me think of one man. Christian. I mean look at him now. An obvious face and look where he is going. Granted he is not what he used to be but still just think about it. If you look back at the majority of his career when he was a heel he was spectacular. Actually the majority of his titles came when he was a heel. So Christian was a way better heel wrestler than a face one.

  So now lets look at someone else. For the sake of arguments let's go with someone who has been in the buisness as long as Christian has. Goldust. I know the distance between these two is big but just go with it. I can't remember a time seeing The Bizarre One as a heel. He has been a face most of his career ( sorry WCW guys I was like four at the time and don't remember him that well). Look at what he has done. Sure he has a lot of fan's and used to be in funny skits backstage but it seemed like he was never really in the big picture. What would have happened if he were a heel? Do you think it could have changed or was his gimmick simply not made for a main eventer?

 Ok, enough with the heel's.

 John Cena. Multiple time world champ, movie star, fan's everywhere. He hardly ever loses a clean match and is always in the main event. Remember the feud he had with Kurt Angle? During that time he was the heel of the match and eventually lost to Angle at No Mercy. So why is it Cena is a better Face that Heel? Was it because he was fairly new then?

  Does it really matter if your a face or a heel wrestler? If not then why can someone like Christian be so good at being a heel yet not get anywhere being a face? Or what about Cena, how can he lose as a heel (that is not just based on the one PPV match) yet own as a face?

  I have looked everywhere and currently I have found only one superstar that has made the cut on both sides.

 Randy Orton.

  Orton won his first World title as a heel with evolution but quickly turned face after the assault on him by HHH, Batista, and Ric Flair. He has had success as a heel while he was with evolution too. Not with the world title but the IC title and even as a heel champion.

 So the answer to this question is pretty simple. I don't know. There have been plenty of superstars that have been both heel and faces and had success (maybe not as good as Orton) as one or another or both.

 So community do you think there is a connection between how well someone does as either a heel or face? Or is it just the character that matters?