Iowa Hawkeye Football: OL Film Review: Arizona Wildcats

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 23, 2010

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 18:  Quarterback Ricky Stanzi #12 of the Iowa Hawkeyes prepares to snap the ball during the college football game against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona.  The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 34-27.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This unit hit a rather large bump in the road on their trip to Tuscon. They gave up 6 sacks, allowed almost constant pressure on Stanzi, and failed to control the line of scrimmage on the few running plays Iowa ran.  Individually each of them had stretches of the game where they were solid but as a unit they never got on the same page. Towards the end of the second quarter Arizona started to bring LB's and DB's on Stanzi and Iowa was just unable to consistently handle the pressure. After falling behind Iowa had no choice but to air it out in this contest and their offense clearly wasn't prepared to have to rely on the pass.

The final series was just painful to watch. Blown assignments and mental mistakes abounded on that drive. Granted Stanzi took a sack when he shouldn't have but this unit let at least 1 guy come free on every snap of that last series.  Even after the false start when Arizona tipped their hand with the safety blitz they failed to step up and give Stanzi time to survey the field. 

Adam Gettis returned in this one, at RG for 4 series that I saw, and was playing fairly well until the last drive when he was caught in pass protection in space and was totally unable to stay with his man. He seems ok when he's in a phone booth but as soon as his man can spin or move laterally he losses them almost instantly.

Reiff played a very poor game by his standards and really seemed to wear down as this game wore on. He was constantly having to pass protect with the DE having no fear of the run and it was a tall task to stay with Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore in this one. Arizona was rotating on their DL to keep their guys fresh and it definitely had an impact in this contest. Reiff gave up a 1 on 1 sack to Reed in this contest and I believe that was the first one I've seen him give up at LT. I expect him to bounce back from this and improve going forward.

Vandervelde didn't make any mental mistakes in this one but made a fair number of physical ones. He wasn't able to consistently control his man in the running game and gave up a sack on a twist stunt. He'll really need to provide some stronger leadership for this unit after this contest.

Ferentz struggled big-time in this contest as he was matched up with a 300lb+ NT for most of this one. Arizona had a rotation at DT in this game they wore down the Iowa lineman.  He was solid in pass protection most of this one but had a few mishaps there as Iowa was in pass first mode in this game.

Zusevics had a couple of big mental mistakes on blitz adjustments in this one but looked quite good in 1 on 1 pass protection against Ricky Elmore. He probably had the best individual effort this week, but still needs to be more consistent in the run game. He should be better week by week.

MacMillan held his own in this one but still made a couple of mental errors in blitz pickup. He split time with Gettis in this one and it probably helped him stay fresh and be a little sharper. He has been improving week by week so far and should continue to only get better.


+1 Very nice job handling the inside stunt by the DE here. Maintains contact and finishes his block. D1 Play 2
+1 Good work handling the cross stunt here as he rode the DE into the inside and quickly shuffled back out with the crossing DT. Solid job here. D4 Play 3
+1 Pass blocking was great here. Rode the DE wide and well out of the play. Good footwork and agility here. D2 Play 4
-1 Misses his reach block here and his man has a shot to break up the play. D2 Play 5
-1 Poor block in space here as he tries to cut his man and ends up missing him and his man helps make the TFL. D3 Play 2
-1 False start D3 Play 4
-1 Doesn't turn out on pass protection here and lets the DE just split he and Reisner D3 Play 4
+1 Great job in 1 on 1 with Reed here as he easily stays with him and just rides him way out of the play. D3 Play 7
+1 Excellent job anchoring against the bull rush here against Reed. Just stoned him here. D4 Play 4
+1 Great job in pass protection against Reed 1 on 1 again as he easily stays with him and keeps well away from Stanzi. D4 Play 9
+1 Great job anchoring against the bull rush again here as he resets himself and drives the DE back after digging his heels in. D6 Play 2
-1 Just gets beat around the edge for the sack by Reed. Not a good job on his kick-step here as he looks sluggish out of his stance. S8 Play 2
-1 False start D10 Play 7

Overall: Push

+1 Great cut block on the LB here as he opens up a big seam in the middle. D2 Play 5
-1 Misses his block on his head up DT here and he almost brings down Robinson for a loss here. D3 Play 3
+1 Vandervelde Nice work on the reach block here as he drives the DT across the seam and out of the play. D4 Play 2
+1 Good job on his run block here as he opens up a lane to the outside. D5 Play 1
-1 Poor job maintaining contact here on the draw and his man gets away and brings down Hampton. Seam was there other than his man. D6 Play 3
-1 Vandervelde blows his assignment here as he doesn't chip off the double team and lets the MLB just walk right by him. D9 Play 1
-1 Failed to pickup the twisting DT here and he makes the sack. D12 Play 4

Overall: -1

+1 Nice work on the reach block here as he drives the DT out of the seam and opens a lane. D2 Play 5
-1 Fails to get his cut block on the LB in space as he pulls around on the run play. D3 Play 2
-1 Poor job giving inside help on the DT in pass protection here. He lets him split the double team as MacMillan tee'd him up for Ferentz and Ferentz was late helping. D7 Play 6
-1 Lets the DT get loose in the double team again here in pass protection. Needs to get his hips around on these plays. D8 Play 3

Overall: -3

-1 Just got beat by the DT there in pass protection. Very poor footwork to stay with his guy. D12 Play 2
-1  Lost the DE here very quickly as he just doesn't maintain contact in pass protection.  D12 Play 3
Overall: -2

-1 Misses a blitzing LB who comes through untouched right over him and makes the TFL D1 Play 1
+1 Nice job taking his man across and maintaining control of his man in pass protection. D7 Play 3
-1 Just got torched by the DT here slanting to the wide side again on the stretch play.  D10 Play 3
+1 Nice adjustment here on blitz pickup there as he steps down to the A gap blitzing LB. D10 Play 5

Overall: Push

+1 Good job staying with the DE here and finishes the block with his man on the ground in pass protection. D2 Play 4
+1 Nice job sealing the edge on Elmore here as Iowa Rolls the pocket to his side. D4 Play 5
+1 Good work in pass protection here as he handles Elmore in space. D4 Play 9
+1 Good work in space here against the Reed as he just stones him with the initial punch and then shuffles and mirrors easily here. D7 Play 6
-1 Totally misses his block on the LB here and he makes the play on Robinson. D10 Play 6
-1 Mental Mistake by Zusevics here as he turns outside to the LB and leaves his head up DE totally unblocked and he gets a free run at the QB for the sack. D10 Play 7
-1 False Start D12 Play 2

Overall: +1