Iowa Hawkeye Football: Stanzi Film Review: Arizona Wildcats

hawkeye gamefilmContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

Stanzi saw some hits in this one.
Stanzi saw some hits in this one.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite Iowa losing Ricky Stanzi didn't play a bad game. His only turnover really can't be laid at his feet. He threw a very catch-able ball that McNutt let get by him. Stanzi played fairly well under the circumstances. Arizona's front 7 blitzed around 25% of Iowa's passing plays and got to Stanzi far more often than they should have.  Constant blown pass protection schemes forced Stanzi to run for his life pretty often in this contest.

Stanzi hit some very big throws in this game and there were 3 drops in this game including one that should have gone for a TD.  He made use of his RB's when he could in this game, but the TE's saw very few looks in this one. I'm not sure if that was by design or not because it seemed Iowa should have been able to take advantage of LB's trying covering their TE's.  Some RB or TE screens probably would have helped slow down the pass rush in this one also. A simple bubble screen to the outside also would probably have helped Stanzi get some rhythm .

The only truly terrible play he made was taking the sack on 2nd and 3 on the last drive. He didn't have pressure from anywhere else and should have been able to evade the defender at least long enough to throw the ball away or even escape and scramble for a 1st down.  Other than that only a few high throws were his mistakes in this one. 


+1 Nice ball to come back with off of the pick 6. Good solid throw for a 1st down to DJK. D3 Play 1
+1 Good decision to pull it down against the pressure here and a great run for a first down as AZ was in man coverage here. D3 Play 4
-1 Poor read and throw here as he tries to hit Davis on the post down the middle. Both safety's had at the snap cover 2 reads but both stayed in the middle hook zone. Stanzi threw this ball like he was worried about getting it over top of the safeties. Needs to read that and put that ball flatter and further across the field here as the corner had played Davis on his up-field shoulder. D4 Play 4
+1 Excllent throw in the seam here. Made the correct read at the snap and fired a bullet into the open lane in the middle.  D4 Play 6.
+1 Great patience on the short out route to Jewel Hampton for the TD. D4 Play 9
-1 Ball thrown too high on the comeback route. Normally does a good job keeping these throws down but this one caught some air on him. D5 Play 2
+1 Good read on the bailout coverage as he throws the easy stop route to Davis. D6 Play 1
+1 Great read and deep ball here on the double move as it slips through DJK's fingers. D6 Play 2
+1 Nice read here as he puts it into Sandemans hands on the run. D7 Play 1
+1 Gutsy run by Stanzi here as he takes a whack at the end of it. D7 Play 2
-1 One too many deep balls into double coverage here and the safety drops a free pick on a poor pass. Not sure what the read was here as he threw it into double coverage. He had no where to throw this ball but still not a throw you want to make when you have time to just throw it away. D7 Play 4
+1 Stanzi Good timing and read here as he lays this one right down the middle as he see's the corner on DJK rolled to the flat and its an easy TD for DJK who just blew by the safety. D9 Play 3
-1 Far too much air on the pass to the outside as he had McNutt open here. Looked like he expected the underneath LB to be further back so he put more air under this ball. Needs to drop that pass in there. D10 Play 5
+1 Well read by Stanzi here. He had one on one with a smaller corner on his best jump ball receiver, McNutt. Throws a beautiful ball in a clutch situation. Throws it up high to the outside where only his man can come up with it. D11 Play 4
-2 Just cannot take this sack right here. You've got to either get this ball out or attempt to escape the pocket.  D12 Play 2

Overall: +4

_ Left Middle Right Sub-total
Short 6/9 61y 1TD 1INT 1/3 13y 4/6 55y 11/18 129y 1TD 1INT
Medium 0/1 0y 1/4 22y 3/4 35y 4/9 57y
Deep 1/2 37 1/1 37y 1TD 1/3 18y 1TD 3/6 92y 2TD
Sub-total 7/12 98y 1TD 1INT 3/8 72y 1TD 8/13 108y 1TD

Total: 18/33 278y 3TD 1INT