Wrestlemania 27: Could It Provide the Ultimate Main Event?

Jamie HardingContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

After a long break I am back to write this particular article, I am unsure yet as to whether I will write a series of articles again, as a thought struck me earlier today and I wanted to share it with this community.

Before I begin I must make two disclaimers; 1. This match probably has almost zero likelihood of actually taking place, 2. The component parts of this match are in no way original and have been sourced from some very well-written articles on this site and others but to my knowledge it is an original combination of these potentially excellent ideas. 

With that all said let's start!

Its the Royal Rumble and the 30-man extravaganza has just finished and John Cena has proved dominant once more and is celebrating headlining Wrestlemania AGAIN, no change there. However,there is no celebrating or saluting to the crowd just an almost heelish sense of smugness, what's going on?!

On Raw the following evening Cena, suited-up, states he has done it all, main events, title, awards, movies, and yet many still refuse to respect him!

No one since Hogan has been so dominant within the company and no one since the Rock has been so mainstream! If people wont respect them, he will force them to! He is going to usher in a era of Total Cenation Domination.

Cena goes on to explain that he has used his Royal Rumble win and personal influence to gain agreement for a Title Unification Triple Threat Elimination Match at Wrestlemania against the company's two long-standing World Champions. Everyone is about to see Cena's wild and selfish streak ... did someone say STREAK??!!

And there we have it the biggest Wrestlemania main event of all time:


John Cena vs The Undertaker (c) vs Randy Orton (c) (Title Unification Match)

The promos would be epic, the crowd reaction would be unimaginable, the back story riveting. Each pairing within this match have history and the WWE has hinted the Cena could face either of these guys soon, remember the Madison Square Garden tombstone? I still think that could be used in a story-line however long ago it was.

And the IWC finally get Cena as a heel once more if a feud that could instantly make him a heel of epic proportions!


I haven't decided who should win, it depends on whether you want a heel or face victory but here are the decisions I would make about the match:

  • The Undertaker is eliminated first by a double cover, this would allow Taker to 'pass the baton on' and sensationally lose at Wrestlemania without looking weak, discrediting his previous opponents or losing to someone deemed not worthy. It would also mean that no one person has defeated the Phenom at Wrestlemania. There would be no point Taker winning this match.
  • This would be The Undertaker's Last Match, although I always imagined Taker leaving in some otherworldly storyline, there would be no more fitting way to leave than after headlining Wrestlemania whilst putting over the two biggest stars in years.
  • A Heel John Cena would not win clean, the idea would be to make both as dominant as each other and create a several month-long feud between the biggest heel in years and the biggest face in years, a role-reversal of the 2009 feud. Having the face Orton win clean would not necessarily make Cena look weak as long as the match went long enough.

I realize there are some cons of this match taking place, most notably the lack of a second main event title match to place the likes of CM Punk and Sheamus in and the resultant crowding of the mid-card meaning the young talent do not get to shine in the way they should.

However, there is my idea please leave your thoughts and suggestions!