Does Next Week's NXT Have The Worst Challenge Yet?Plus MVP Has New Song

JC AugustineCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

Thanks to Jason Powell's for the information. 

For next week's NXT (the 9/28/10 episode), it has been reported the Rookie Diva's have a wheel-barrow challenge. 

The wheel-barrow challenge is a timed lap around the ring while the Rookie is pushing a wheel-barrow. Simple enough, right?

Wrong, guess what's in the stupid thing?

Hulk Hogan's spine?

Jim Ross' Hat?

Or Bret Hart's original sun glasses?

Nope, it's Hornswoggle. 

Yes, finally the little bastard will apear on NXT. Apparently the show can not get any worse and creative thought that maybe Hornswoggle would improve the product. They would be wrong.

Can anyone remember the last time Hornswoggle was useful, revelant, or entertaining? Did Hornswoggle ever have any of those features?

To quote a fellow Texan, "HELL NO"!

So what do you think? Can Hornswoggle save NXT from certain destruction? Or is he making a sinking ship take on water at a faster rate than it was before? Please leave all comments, questions, or concerns below. 

Oh and I want to apologize to columnist Rize for accidentally stealing his profile photo. I didn't realize someone else was using that image and I'm sorry. Hopefully that won't happen again.  

So I made my own fun image. What do you think? 


MVP just posted on twitter that he has new entrance music. I'm no critic so I will not review the song but thought you guys might be interested in it.