UFC 119 Fight Card: What Chris Lytle Must Do To Beat Matt Serra

Will AndersonCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

Chris Lytle and Matt Serra have a history. They first met during the 4th season of the Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback. During the finale, Serra defeated Lytle by split decision. "The Terror" defeated Lytle by split decision in the finale, with Lytle being the more active fighter on the feet, and Serra tying up and using foot stomps until he got takedowns.

This allowed him to be the aggressor forcing Lytle to hold guard and stall hoping that the ref would stand them up. In the end the fight ended up being pretty close, so I am sure that 'Lights Out' is more than a bit excited to get into it with Serra again. 

So how does Lytle ensure that he doesn't make the same mistakes of nearly four years ago? Well here are some tips that he could follow in order to defeat Matt Serra:

Use Striking 

Lytle was able to work Serra over pretty well while the two were engaged in the stand up, and we all know that "The Terror" while a good power puncher, is not a very well rounded striker. The key for Lytle to score a victory here is to use movement to throw Serra off, and pepper him with strikes.

Stay Off The Ground

While Lytle himself is a BJJ blackbelt, Serra's Jiu Jitsu and sprawling is on another level. The ground is where he works really well. The goal is for Lytle to stay clear of getting shot in on and bullied around by Serra. 

Be Procative

During the TUF 4 finale, Lylte waited for the ref  to help him earn the victory by stalling. Bottom line, the Ref cannot win you a match if your method is to stall. You must take the fight to your opponent and try to win on your own. 

Overall it should be a great fight between two MMA journeyman and we here at B/R are really looking forward to it.