Big WWE and TNA News...Backstage News and Return Rumors From Both Companies

Carl Wright Jr.Contributor ISeptember 21, 2010

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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There is said to be major backstage heat on the Pope.  Some have already reported this, but I felt it needs to be reiterated.  He is rumored to call himself "The Black Pope" backstage and refer to himself in the third person.  He has aggravated many backstage and may be de-pushed as a result.

Rob Terry has also been reported to have fallen out of favor with TNA management.  (Steroids maybe?...)  He has been losing frequently, and some say past supporters of Terry are beginning to distance themselves from him.

Dixie Carter has reportedly discussed bringing Scott Hall back to the organization once he completes rehabilitation.  Really.  The man was just arrested, fired, put in rehab, lying about having pneumonia, and has many other issues.  The Scott Hall that is best buds with X-Pac who was just arrested.  The Scott Hall that is friends with Kevin Nash who has publicly bashing TNA.  Yes, THE Scott Hall.

Speaking of Nash, nothing is currently set in stone involving him at upcoming events.  He made some very controversial Tweets last week and could be in hot water.

The Miz, who is featured on the latest edition of WWE Magazine, has also landed on the cover for the next issue of The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling.

WWE creative reportedly has tenative plans in mind for Chris Jericho being at Wrestlemania.  They feel he will just take some time off to tour with his band and taking part in non-wrestling commitments and then return to the company.  The last match on his contract took place last night on Raw (Raw was a double taping so he wrestled two matches).


Alex Riley will now be a regular on Monday Night Raw as he signed a "personal service contract" for the Miz.  Nice call WWE, it's not like we don't know he wasn't already under contract.

Matt Hardy is believed to be done with the company as he posted comments on his Youtube account nearly confirming he was leaving.  "I have sucked it up for a while and I've done pretty much everything I could humanly do," Hardy wrote. "I think it's just time to move on.. I would have liked to stay in WWE for my entire career, but looks like it's just not gonna work out that way. Thanks for your comment pal."

Matt Hardy is no longer listed for any upcoming WWE TV or pay-per-view events on WWE's website.

According to K3wrestling, Monday Night Raw did a 2.8 rating.  Yes, a 2.8.  Anybody who wants to place money on how long it will be until TNA will move back to Monday Nights, as they will be able to compete with WWE, leave me a comment.  ESPN Monday Night Football only did a 10.92, so that can't be used as an excuse.  Favre playing against the Vikings last year got a 17 and Raw still managed to get a 3 rating.

Former WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield appeared on the "Right After Wrestling" radio show last night. JBL spoke about Alberto Del Rio's gimmick being similar to his, whether he'd ever return to WWE and more. You can listen to the interview at


JBL adressed the rumors about his hazing and attitude backstage, especially involving the Miz.  Here is what he had to say:

"Did I haze the Miz? Hell yes! A lot of people want to talk about me and my hazing. Yes I did. I make no apologies about it what so ever. When I started, guys were hazed, and for good reason. They wanted to know that in a riot, which we had a few back in the day, were you going to be on the side of the boys or the fans?"

"Nowadays there's no room for it, the corporate, sterile world that is the WWE. When the Miz came in, most of the hazing was me working. Me on the mic, me talking to him. I gave him as much advice as I possibly could because I thought he had the ability to be a good heel. But I'm not going to apologize for hazing him."

Those are some pretty harsh comments.


John Cena and all of the Nexus members are confirmed to appear on the Friday Night SmackDown SyFy debut on October 1st.

The current plan is for the Unified Divas Champion to appear on both RAW and SmackDown. It looks like that will be Michelle McCool and Layla for now, as they are calling themselves the co-Unified Divas Champions.

Friday will be the final Smackdown before moving to Syfy.

Team 3D's Facebook had the following posted last night: "WOW...Hard decision coming soon. If you live in the Northeast, this will probably be your last chance to see us. Sept. 23rd in NYC...24th @ the ECW Arena...25th in Rahway. Hope to see ya all there!!"

Unfortuantely, chances of 3D returning to WWE to help the tag divison are very low.  Brother Ray isn't well liked by WWE management and some talent, as they feel he is difficult to work with.  There is said to be no heat on Brother Devon.

TNA sources have indicated that Team 3D are "in the mix" going forward.

Dixie Carter posted the following on her Twitter (… A TNA talent sent me a cool video signing his new long term contract. Leave it to MISTER ANDERSON, ANDERSON to do things in dramatic fashion Meet Mr. Anderson live at NYC US Army Recruiting Ctr in Times Square (1 pm tomorrow). He appears on behalf of TNA's awesome sponsor US Army

That's all of the news for now.  Be sure to comment.