Major Updates On Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy's WWE Career

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 21, 2010

Unless you haven't seen the Internet the past few weeks, you'd know that Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy's WWE careers are in doubt.

Now, I'm warning you, this article does contain SPOILERS.

Chris Jericho

There was a thought a few weeks ago before Night of Champions, that Jericho would basically quit the WWE never to return, because he claimed he'd leave the WWE if he lost the six-pack challenge and he hasn't signed a new WWE deal yet—his current one ends in October.

But, because he is still in good shape and could easily take time off and come back, the WWE rewrote the way he would leave.

Instead of having him lose at the six-pack challenge, they just took him out with an injury. On next week's RAW, he is in a match with Randy Orton. At the end of the match, Orton punts Jericho in the head and he is taken out on a stretcher.

This obviously means he either signed a new deal with the WWE, and will just be taking  a few months off. Or, he hasn't signed a new deal but will be coming back at some point.

Either way, it means he'll be back in the WWE. Which is definitely a good thing for fans, because Jericho has been one of the best ever, and will go down in history as probably one of the top 10 or even top five best of all-time because of his work.

The WWE will have a hole left in it without him, as no one can replace Y2J. You can seemingly substitute him for a while, but replace him for good? Just flat out impossible.

Jericho has tried to help the WWE replace him in a way, as he has recommended John Morrison. And lets be honest, Morrison is one heck of a performer. Some would call him lightning in a bottle because of his in ring skills.

But, his mic skills aren't where they need to be and he has yet to get over really well as a baby face. His work as a heel pretty much made him, so it has been discussed to turn him heel again. But, because the WWE really would love to get him over with fans, I doubt they'll pull the trigger and have him turn heel right now.

In any case, I feel he'll need a lot of lessons from Jericho on the mic to be his replacement. Gladly however, Jericho won't be gone for good.

Matt Hardy

Now on to Matt Hardy.

It was said that he signed a four-year deal earlier in the year, so, for him to go would be really weird. Especially on the WWE's part, simply because of how over he is with fans.

But, there was a source close to Hardy who has said he could be released within this week at some point.

Most believe the matter with Hardy will be resolved, but don't be surprised to hear a lot of Hardy news this week. I could easily see young Hardy involved with Twitter and many other places talking about his WWE career and giving us more questions than answers.

So, I say do not pay too close attention to Hardy's twitter. You can never be sure about what is going on with him, as he keeps making you wonder rather than giving you a flat out answer.

But what do you think?

Will Matt Hardy leave the WWE?

And are you happy that Chris Jericho's WWE career isn't completely over?


Update, check out this video from Matt Hardy. You can be the judge on if he is leaving the WWE or not.