Cleveland Browns: Answers Are Hard To Come By

gary wertmanCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2010

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 01: Head coach Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns reacts as his team takes on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 1, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Browns 30-6. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This story was written for all the frustrated fans of the Cleveland Browns. Fans with plenty of questions for which they can’t seem to get any answers. At least no straight forward answers.

Here are a few questions I’d like to ask the Browns coach.

Question-  Why can’t the Browns run the ball this year? Last year they ranked eighth in the NFL.        Probable answer - We’re not consistent enough.

Question- Why has Josh Cribbs been used so little in the offense? Everyone was so excited to see the new wildcat plays. Two losses later, looks like the same old plays to me.        Probable answer - Maybe we should have run more wildcat.

Question-  With Jerome Harrison looking a step slow against the Chiefs, why not give James Davis a look? At least a couple carries.    Probable answer- James Davis was not in the game plan.

Question- Where are the half time adjustments? Two straight games, the Browns have a lead at the half,  only to see their opponents make the necessary changes to  win the game.      Probable answer- It seemed that way.

Question-  Is it just me or should Mike Adams be starting in place of Abe Elam? Adams had an interception against the Chiefs and is always around the ball.     Probable answer- We like Mike Adams.

Question-  With very little pass rush, why isn’t Shaun Rogers lining up at defensive end? I thought that was the plan.     Probable answer- Shaun spent all training camp riding the stationary bicycle so we didn’t have a chance to coach him up.

Question-  Where are the half time adjustments? I just thought I’d ask that question again.                 Probable answer- Dirty look.

Question- Why all the penalties? The team does not seem as disciplined as last year when they were one of the fewest penalized teams in the league.     Probable answer- We can’t have penalties and turnovers and win games.

Question-  With the way Chiefs safety Eric Berry was attacking the run, why didn’t we come back to the play action pass where Cribbs caught the 65 yard touchdown?             Probable answer- We planned too but we didn’t have the ball enough in the second half.

Question-  Where is rookie guard Shawn Lauvao? I know he has an injury but just how bad is it? We were told he twisted his ankle in practice three weeks ago.      Probable answer- Shawn will be evaluated on Wednesday.

Question- What do you feel is more important, a game plan or game adjustments? Still trying to get an answer.      Probable answer- A lot of work goes into the game plan. Next question.

Question- You said coming out of camp that the Browns are a better team than last year. If that’s true, why are they win less against two of the worst teams in the league last year?        Probable answer- We can’t beat ourselves. We need to play mistake free football to get a win.


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