Will Randy Orton Be Able To Put Over Sheamus at Hell in a Cell?

Travis SmithAnalyst IISeptember 20, 2010

Randy Orton won the WWE title in the six pack challenge at Night of Champions by nailing an RKO on Sheamus in the end of the match. Orton was heavily cheered as he was crowned the new champion but critics have already started their crusades and emails about why Orton should not have won the title last night over Sheamus. People either love the title change or they hate it but one thing that all fans of the WWE have to agree on one thing and that is that Randy Orton could be ready to put Sheamus over as the biggest heel in WWE today at the next pay-per-view event, Hell In A Cell.

Sheamus has been called a paper champion since winning the title at the Fatal 4 Way because he hadn't been given the opportunity to win a title match without using short cuts or ways that would make him look weak just to keep the gold on him. When fans saw Sheamus win the title back in May, they assumed that he would have an amazing reign as champion until Triple H would come back from his nagging injuries. All of the expectations of Sheamus's last title have fell well short due to the sad ways that the WWE had Sheamus retain the title.

Fans of the WWE were tired of seeing John Cena win the title over and over again because it was in a stale manner that Cena would win the gold but in my view, I don't see what makes Cena so hateable when the WWE shoved Sheamus down our throats in a manner that made the WWE title look weak. Now Sheamus is a good wrestler but he hasn't hit the major heel heat status yet however he can become the top heel in all of WWE if the creative team has Randy Orton job to Sheamus inside of Hell in a cell.

Randy has put over so many guys in his WWE tenure from guys like Edge to Triple H to even Kofi Kingston, the point is that Orton is a company guy that can make any young guy a star in a feud. Sheamus needs a re-packaged push in a sense that Sheamus needs to win the WWE title in a violent but yet clean way to get over with the WWE universe. Randy needs to prove to all the naysayers that he is the top dog in the company and that he can put over anybody by having an incredible match with Sheamus at Hell in a cell. The WWE also has something to prove with the Hell in a cell match and that is that the creative team knows what they are doing and they can prove how good a feud should be by having Sheamus beat Orton for the title.

Now it looks like Sheamus maybe in line to challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania in a world title unification match at this point in time but in order to even get that pristine opportunity, Sheamus has to prove his worth against Orton.