WWE Night Of Champions: Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts

Double A .Correspondent IISeptember 20, 2010

It's Sunday September 19, 2010 and the day started off like any other Sunday.  I took my pup Scout outside for a walk, put on my Charger Jersey, and even squeezed in an oil change for my car before noon.  I cheered the Bolts on to a victory but rushed over to my dad's house as soon as the game was over so I was not late for our Sunday tradition of a WWE PPV and Spicy Tofu (My dad's a vegan and this has been our PPV traditional meal since 2005.)

Even though the day started off like any other Sunday, something felt different this time.  Maybe it is because I am 25 and it feels like only yesterday I was watching Wrestlemania 7 with my dad, and even though up until that point I had been enamoured with The Rocker's, Hulk Hogan, etc, I suddenly found myself mesmerized by The Undertaker and have been ever since.  Perhaps it was that I was sitting in the same living room 19 years later, and I have that feeling again.  That butterfly in your tummy excitement, anticipation I felt as a kid.  I just had a feeling tonight was going to be good.

My dad and I chatted our theories, who we thought should win, and I told him about BR and how the IWC hates Cena, while he showed me how to make his famous Spicy Tofu (I have only had to wait my whole life for the recipe.) and I realized we both had not been this excited about a PPV for a long time.  

The food is done, the PPV is on, and Vickie Guerrero is saying "Excuse me!."

I could go on and on a recap the matches for you, but there are going to be dozens of NOC articles on here and you can wiki it, so I am just going to focus on my personal take and break it down Ashley style.

Funny moments.  There were a few.  I laughed a John Cena's promo where he gabbed about percentages, saying Sheamus was 2% milk and the crowd booing him.  How tight Vickie Guerrero's pants were tonight I found amusing and slightly confusing, it must have taken forever to get those suckers on and I was also slightly perturbed by Big Show's headband but when you are the largest athlete in the world, I guess you can get away with looking silly. Also funny is WWE's idea of a two week build up to the next PPV, what the heck WWE? 

Moving on, I was happy to see Daniel Bryan defeat The Miz for the United States Championship.  I don't worship the guy or anything but I think that it will help set the Miz's MITB move and a change is always good in my opinion.

The two matches that really stood out to me were Undertaker versus Kane and the 6-pack challenge.  It's not a surprise that I wanted Undertaker to win.  His music hits and he is walking out and I am getting excited.  Something about watching The Undertaker wrestle truly captures the essence of my love for wrestling and even though I am 25, suddenly I am a kid again and crossing my fingers and toes that he wins.  It makes me feel like the magic of wrestling that grabbed my attention as a kid, is still there and I find it comforting. 

The match itself was pretty good.  The crowd seemed to be really into it and I was too.  I had an inkling that he was not going to be victorious but the optimistic kid inside me ignored the feeling and I couldn't help but smile when he choke slammed Kane.  He goes in to the corner and is looking tired and I hear the words "Come on! Come on! Hurry up!" come out of my mouth.  My dad looks over and kind of laughs and I laugh too and say "well he needs to capitalize, he is giving him to much time." and sure enough, he goes to Tombstone Kane and Kane reverses it on him, Tombstone's him, and wins the match.  Even my dad, who never gets as in to the matches as I do, looked at me and said "what!?" and I crossed my arms over my chest and let out a sigh.   Apparently the crowd felt it too, as soon as the referee one, two, three'd there was a collective gasp. 

Now don't get me wrong.  I knew that this was likely going to be the outcome, especially since there is another PPV in only two weeks but the kid inside me just couldn't be reasoned with.  Undertaker was defeated and I felt defeated too.  But the more I thought about it, I felt that my defeated feeling was coming from the fact that The Undertaker isn't getting any younger and retirement for him, much to my dismay, is inevitable.  Michael Cole made a comment "Has The Undertaker lost his power" and I wanted to stick my tongue out at the TV and say "NO!". 

However maturity prevailed but I was still left feeling down but not for too long, because I was pumped for the Main Event 6-pack challenge.  I had no clue who was going to win this and I purposely avoided all spoilers because I wanted to enjoy not knowing for once.  Jericho was eliminated first, not too surprising.  What did surprise me was that Edge was eliminated next.  I was really hoping he would win but life goes on. 

Cena gets in a bout with Barrett and the Nexus gets involved.  Cena is eliminated (even though I love Cena, I was happy he got eliminated because I just don't think he needed to win this one.)  It seemed that Barrett had the championship on lock as Orton was attacked by the Nexus and Sheamus was MIA.  Orton is in the ring and things are looking bleak when Cena comes back out and attacks the Nexus with a chair to the back, knocking them off the apron, and I found myself letting out a "hell yeah!"  I mean, who doesn't love chair action? and it gave Orton time to eliminate Barrett.

So it was down to Sheamus and Orton and Sheamus almost gets the 3 count but in the end he takes an RKO and Randy Orton is the new champion.  I am really pleased with this outcome however I feel so-so about a Sheamus Orton feud.

The PPV ends and I get up and give my dad a hug and thank him for having me over.  I have come a long way from the days where my dad used to tape the PPV on VHS and then pop it in the VCR for me to watch and put me to bed.  These days we just part ways until a new action DVD comes out or until the next PPV. 

Aside from the hours of entertainment wrestling has given me over the years, it has provided me the opportunity to have a relationship with my dad.  My parents split up when I was 3 years old but my dad always made time for me, and sure I got older and wanted to do things with my friends, boyfriends, college, etc but wrestling kept us together.  If there was a PPV on, we were watching it together, no matter what.

I don't want to think about the day when we cannot watch it together anymore, anymore than I want to think about the day The Undertaker retires.  To me, he is one of the last pieces of what the WWE once was and even though I will always be a fan of wrestling and enjoy watching it, with the PG era, my childhood heroes retiring left and right, and the inconsistency in quality, that familiarity I feel watching it week in and week out is slowly starting to fade and I am not ready to let it,or The Undertaker, go just yet. The kid in me is still crossing my fingers and toes, that The Undertaker still has some magic left.


**Hope you all enjoyed NOC! I want to hear your take on the PPV!