The Sonnen Debacle Is Bigger than Him

Drew BulbukContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

There have been many record-setting performances wiped away by the use of performance enhancing drugs.  Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Floyd Landis are just a few who have seen this fall from grace. 

No matter what the feat, a positive drug test wipes the slate clean. 

A huge sentence was laid on the UFC 185-pound division today.  It was reported that Chael Sonnen has failed his post-fight drug test.  Not one to shy away from a fight, verbally or physically, Sonnen was a "hate him or love him" fighter.  He was looked down at by MMA purists before UFC 117 because he simply talked too much. 

Sonnen felt the dislike when he stepped into the ring to fight Anderson Silva last month to a chorus of boos. 

Amazing how much a dominant performance can win the room.  Sonnen's supremacy transformed the Oakland crowd, who chanted "USA, USA" throughout the fight.  Although he would suffer defeat by way of triangle choke, Sonnen would make a world full of fight fans proud. 

I personally would have liked to see him and Silva go at it for a second time more than anyone else in the middleweight division. 

Eyebrows were raised when Sonnen showed up to weigh-ins with back acne, a potential tell-tale sign of someone using PEDs, but they have now been officially confirmed. 

He further ruined his image by bashing fellow fighter Shane Carwin about steroid use à la Alex Rodriguez.

Lost in the demise of Chael Sonnen is the feeling we all had when we saw Anderson Silva come down to earth.  Does a fighter really have to be suped up to beat him?  In my opinion, Silva has been so dominant for so long, it was refreshing to see him look mortal.  

Perhaps in the same way Silva rebounded after getting dominated by Dan Henderson in the first round of their fight, he would reignite each and every fight from here on out.  If this doesn't give him more of a confidence boost, I don't know what else would.   

Silva gets complete assurance back. 

Sonnen goes from American Hero to Benedict Arnold. The middleweight returns to regularity all because of a matter of doping. 

Performance enhancing drugs have always been prevalent in sports, it's just a shame to see such a great rivalry nipped in the bud because of cheating. 

May Sonnen serve as a warning to all the fighters out there.  The Sherk's, Baroni's, and Sonnen's can dominate all they want; just know that juicing will wipe away all the great showings and respect in one fell swoop.