Juan Pablo Montoya: Boss To B. Pattie...I Repeat Do Not Put Him Back In The Pack

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2010

Don't worry Juan we will get this right!
Don't worry Juan we will get this right!Nick Laham/Getty Images

Why not put Juan Pablo Montoya back in the pack! That seams to be part of the modus operandis of the N0.42 team.
I jumped out of my lounger about million times asking myself  “where is Juan, he was just in second or tenth before that pit stop, oh no he’s in P-24 why!” that’s a true story folks, lost a few friends, now no one wants to watch the race with me.
Here is some of the radio chatter by the No. 42 team:
Chip said "DO NOT put Juan back in the back" Brian said "But we have to fix the fender" Chip said "I REPEAT DO NOT put him back in the pack"  Juan said "This is terrible, just terrible"
Here is a post race Twitter from Montoya: “had a tough day today.... car had pretty good speed but lost the track position..”
Okay “good speed but lost track position“ I wonder what he means by that, just my opinion folks but that means somebody was blowing the calls.
Just saying folks, just a fans opinion.
This has been a story that started at Indianapolis and continued into Pocono and reared it’s ugly head once again yesterday at Loudon..
When most of us make a 50-50 type decision we get exactly that, sometimes we get it right sometimes we get it wrong, but when someone gets it wrong most of the time is just bad luck or simply they’re not doing a good job.
Can we agree on that?
I’m not saying Brian Pattie is not a good crew chief , I’m saying this is not working out.
I just feel both Brian Pattie and Juan Pablo Montoya would benefit from a break up, maybe they’ll become champions in different places.
It’s undeniable there is something wrong here, Juan Pablo Montoya always comes out fast, usually in the top  ten but after a  few pit stops this team becomes like a “box of Chocolate, you never know what you gone get” If I was the driver I would be scared to death of coming into a pit stop, wouldn’t you?
Who is at fault ? Is it the driver, the crew or just plain bad luck, actually it doesn’t matter, changes need to be made.
Maybe I’m being too harsh, after all this is still a top twenty team, many race shops would love to be in their position, but I would bet Juan Pablo Montoya would tell you he didn’t come stock car racing to run in the back  twenty.
That we can all agree on!
As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.
Enough said.