UFC Foreshadowing : Rich Franklin May Be Next For Jon Jones

Joshua BoykenContributor ISeptember 19, 2010

Jon Jones dishing out a vicious knee
Jon Jones dishing out a vicious knee

Make what you want of it, but this fight is getting more possible every day. The fighters that are announced to attend the UFC Expo in England include Franklin and Jones.

The other three top fighters announced is middleweight Wanderlei Silva, welterweight Thiago Alves, and heavyweight Junior Dos Santos.

Jon Jones and Rich Franklin are both set to attend the event and are both out of the Light Heavyweight division.

The two other fighters who are set to attend the event that are also possible fights for Rich and Jon are Ryan Bader and Stephan Bonnar.

Neither Rich nor Jon seem possible to fight Bonnar at this point, though. For one, Jones has already defeated Bonnar and that Stephan is signed to fight at the Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale against Igor Pokrjac.

Bader also does not seem to possible to fight either opponent, for the reason that his next fight is at UFC 119.

Is it possible that Bader could be next for one of them if he can take out Lil Nog? Yes, I would say it is, but right now that needs to settle itself out.

It is also a possibility that Bader or Nogueira both could venture out and fight Rich and Jon. Maybe we could see Bader vs. Rich and Nogueira vs. Jones.

There are so many fights to make out of the Light Heavyweight division, but Jones vs. Franklin is one of those fights that people pay attention to.

You have a legend in the UFC going up against one of the best and most known prospects in the UFC. The fight seems to be matchmaker's heaven. Bader is a top prospect, but he can get his big win if he defeats Nogueira.

They could go another way with Bader fighting Jones as to who is the top prospect in the division, and then Nogueira, legend of PRIDE, vs. Franklin, legend of the UFC. Franklin has already been in several fights that go by that title.

Then, of course, you have to throw Randy Couture and Forrest Griffin into the mix and then you have even more fights. Is Jon Jones vs. Rich Franklin what's going to happen, I do not know, but it is becoming possible.

In the past at UFC Expos, fights have been announced, with both Jones and Franklin in attendance, this fight could be possible.

Jon Jones' last fight was Aug. 1, and he dominated that fight well enough to fight the next week.

Rich Franklin fought his last fight on June 12 and has been rehabbing his broken left arm. It has been announced that he could be ready for action by December.

The timing seems right for both fighters to fight one another. If Jon Jones got fight hungry, he could fight earlier, but this would be a huge fight for him.

Can a veteran UFC fighter like Rich Franklin do something that Matyushenko, Vera, and Bonnar could not do?

Can Rich "Ace" Franklin do something that seems impossible at this point to do and that is take out this fast rising prospect?

This could be a very interesting fight, and could be a fast way to a title shot for both fighters.