Night Of Champions Quick Results, Check Out The Winners and Losers!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 19, 2010

First match

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler in a no dq, no count out match for the IC title

Winner by pinfall Dolph Ziggler


Second Match

CM Punk vs. Big Show


Winner Big Show by pinfall


Third Match

Miz vs Daniel Bryan for the U.S Title

Winner and new champ Daniel Bryan!


Fourth Match

Divas Champion Melina vs. Women's Champion Michelle McCool

Winner Michelle McCool





5th match

Kane vs. Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match

Winner Kane by pinfall


Sixth match

The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty vs. Mark Henry & Even Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella and Koslov for the tag team titles

 Winner and new champs Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes


7th match

Six Pack challenge

Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Cena

Jericho is eliminated by Orton

Edge eliminated by John Cena

Wade Barrett eliminated John Cena

 Randy Orton eliminated Wade Barrett

 Randy Orton won the Six Pack Challenge to become the new champ!