Getting Fishing Partner Ready to hit the Water

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Getting Fishing Partner Ready to hit the Water
This weekend was a visit from our daughter, her husband and of course their son Bryson. He is really growing and will celebrate his first birthday in a couple of weeks. My wife and I will be making the trip up to Tennessee for his birthday bash. He loves to spend time in Pop's boat pretending to drive it. I told his Dad that he will be an outdoormen, because he is really happy when he is outside. I just wanted to share this bit of info. with all of you becacue we are really proud of his parents and this little man.
Here are a few pics from Saturday's trip to Smith with my son-in-law. We always try to work in a trip everytime they visit. It want be long before this little man will be making some trips with his Dad and Pops.
Another one of those nice strips
Nice spot on the wall
One of the last of the day

Pot-bellied Spot

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