WWE Night Of Champions 2010: Proof the Tag Team Division Is Dead for Good?

Dan PowerSenior Analyst ISeptember 19, 2010

The WWE Tag Team Division is on life support, if not already dead. It has been mentioned countless times before, on Bleacher Report and on various other pro wrestling forums that it was not going well. 

When they unified the two existing Titles at Wrestlemania 25, there were high hopes for the tag team wrestling fans. After the Colons unified the championships, the division appeared to be revamped with Edge and Jericho winning the gold. Then, it was Y2J and Big Show, DX, ShowMiz and finally, the current holders, The Hart Dynasty.

On the August 16, 2010 episode of Raw, the belts were actually unified, passing from four to two, one for each member of the team.

The Tag Team Championship seemed to have regained some lost prestige, but it is not the case. There is no additional legit tag team than before and no serious contenders for the new gold. 

At Night Of Champions, the pay-per-view in which all Titles will be on the line, The Hart Dynasty will face... no one knows. The match has not been officially announced and there is no buildup leading to the event. 

There is absolutely no hype for the Tag Team Championship match. For once, there are interesting showdowns for the upcoming pay-per-view. Even the Divas match received a better treatment. There is also a non-title match with a better buildup than the Tag Team Title bout.

The World Heavyweight Championship match between Kane and The Undertaker is probably the most anticipated match of the last months, if not of the whole year.

The six-pack challenge for the WWE Title also has a great story-line leading to the pay-per-view.

The matches for the Intercontinental and the US Titles had a decent showdown as well.

But nothing for the Tag Team Championship battle. All the fans got was a  match that ended as a no contest between two teams put together randomly on Raw.

Hopefully the WWE will have something in store for the tag team division at Night Of Champions and in a near future. But the way they handle it now doesn't give any hope for the tag team wrestling fans.

In fact, at the pay-per-view, it might be the announcement of the tag team division's death unless the creative team comes with a great surprise.

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