3-D In WWE?: Five Reasons Why This Could Help The Tag-Team Division

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

3-D In WWE?: Five Reasons Why This Could Help The Tag-Team Division

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     I know this will never happen, I know they are in talks with TNA for a new contract, and I know they still are doing matches for TNA. Now that that is out of the way let's get on with it.

      If the Dudley Boys were to be back in WWE what do you think would happen to the tag-team division?

     They could not do half the stuff they did back in the day but I believe they could drastically improve the failing tag-team division.

      Here are my five reasons why they could help out the WWE.

Come On, It's The Dudleys

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     I don't know how you guys take this but I personally believe the Dudley boys along with the Hardy's and E&C not only took the tag-team division to a whole new level but revoloutionized it to what it should be but sadly is not today.

     So having the only team that is still together out of the three mentioned above today could do nothing but good for the WWE.

      I mean come on they pretty much have a PPV named after them in the TLC PPV.

     So the title pretty much says it all.

Possible New Stable

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      Ok maybe not a stable but they could help progress a newcommer to the WWE male or female wrestler as they did with Spike and Stacey.

      Not only would this make a great start to a lucky newby in the WWE to be with Hall of Famers (should be) but it could also help if they turn either face or heel.

      A possible thing they could do is maybe build up a Dudleyville's Best stable to take on the Nexus.

      With a three or four man or woman team could also have them get the titles and keep them for a while.

Bring Back Old Fans

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    For the people who remember the guys in the picture a few more viewers would tune in to watch the old tag team reunite.

      Honestly if you heard that the Dudleys were coming back to the WWE would you NOT watch that show?

     The team would re draw interest to the division which has lacked interest lately.

Old Rivaly's Coming Back?

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     I know that the possibility of this is not likely but maybe if Edge does go to Smackdown then after a feud with Christian they could put their differences aside and really spice up the division and give us all a great reason to watch the tag teams again.

     The Hardy's would be about impossible to do since Jeff is in TNA and Matt seems to be TNA bound but maybe if they saw the Dudleys come back it could turn into the domino effect and bring back greatness.

     I don't see any other tag team coming back but really these three, even two all are you need for the division.

No Chance Of Breaking Up

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      Of all the tag teams ever in the WWE the Dudleys are one of few that have not broken up. They may have feuded for a bit but in the big picture you would not have to worry about it.

      Teams they have now like McIntyre and Rhodes will eventually disband and go back to singles competition where they belong.

      So there are the five reasons how the Dudley Boys could help the WWE tag team division.  I know it is not possible at all but just a what if situation and they did come back.