Alexner Frenkel Knocks Out Enzo Maccarinelli in Knockout of the Year Candidate

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2010

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Alexander Frenkel may have ended Enzo Maccarinelli with a vicious knockout in the seventh round. With the win Frenkel wins the EBU title and is the mandatory for Marco Huck.

Maccarinelli (32-5) boxed well over the first six rounds and was looking good before being crushed with a surprising left hook in the seventh round.

He got back up but was in no shape to continue and ate another huge left hook and didn’t get up this time. You could argue that the fight should have been stopped after the first knockdown.

He was on the mat for a few minutes and got treatment from ringside doctors. They were trying to give him oxygen but he was pushing it away.

He was eventually helped up and was helped to his corner by his corner people. This is his fifth loss and all five have come by knockout.

With the win Frenkel moves to 23-0 (18 KO) and picks up his best win to date. He will be looking to cash in his WBO title shot in the near future.

Maccarinelli looked very good and was winning the fight on two of the three cards when he was stopped. He was enjoying his best stretch of the fight when he was stunningly knocked out.

Frenkel didn’t looked particularly good until he landed the wicked left hook and got the stoppage. He wasn’t very active and was throwing wild punches most of the time.

 He came through in a big way and ended the night with a knockout of the year candidate. With the win he established himself as a top tier cruiserweight.

He has the chance to fight Huck and making that fight may prove to be a problem. Huck has been fighting a lot but only fight B level fighters since his only loss to Steven Cunningham.

They are both Germans so this could be made just because of the cash involved. Huck is a star in Germany and Frenkel can punch so it would be easy to market.

As far as Maccarinelli it appears that his career is over. If he does decided to move on he wont be a top tier fighter and is going to have a hard time getting back there.

He is a former champion, has made some money, and is a universally liked guy. He is a true good guy in boxing and nobody wants to see him stick around to long and get hurt.

He wasn’t the best cruiserweight fighter of his era but he was the most exciting. He was either going to spark you or get sparked himself.

If he does call it a career I will miss watching him and all the excitement he brought to the ring. He was never one of my favorite fighters, but he is one of the fighters I always watched.

At the end of the night, Frenkel steps into up into the top tier of cruiserweights and hopefully Maccarinelli calls it a day.

UPDATE: Word is Enzo passed out in the locker room and is on his way to the hospital. Hopefully he will be okay.

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